Oct 20, 2021
Company "BERTINITY" (, an exclusive financial blockchain ecosystem, is hosting a cool airdrop.
For participation, you can get - 20000 BRTX (~2200$), for 1 referral - 15$.

The distribution must be received by all participants, in turn.
Distribution date: within 2 months after the end of the airdrop.

Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot - .

The top 3 referrals will receive 1000$ each.
10 random airdrop participants will receive 150$ each.

Basic social tasks to be performed via the Telegram bot:
- Join the Telegram channel and project group.
- Subscribe to the project's Twitter account.
- Tweet a comment about #Bertinity and tag 3 of your friends.

In addition, you can earn additional BRTX tokens by completing social. tasks via the Telegram bot in the "Bounty" section:
- On Twitter, retweet the specified tweet with 3 friends and a comment - 600 BRTX (~66$).
- On Facebook, share a post, leave a comment and mark 3 friends - 500 BRTX (~55$).
- Subscribe to the company's Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as to the YouTube channel - 400 BRTX (~44$).

ICO pre-sale of BRTX tokens started on October 20 and will last until November 20.
A total of 110 pre-sale stages are planned, the BRTX price at the last stage will be - 0.11$ .

The address of the BRTX token contract on the BSC network is - 0x20670630b3f463f8ad4a3a50e56ad2ee01b618ae .
You can also participate in the ICO pre-sale of BRTX or earn money on its distribution.

ICO Launchpad Link -

In the launchpad, you need to register, you can quickly through Facebook or Google.
If you register using my link, you can get an additional + 10% of the amount the tokens you bought.
It is also possible to earn BRTX by distributing ICO, and you and your referrals will receive + 10% of tokens from the purchase of tokens by your referrals.
There are also separate sales bonuses that are calculated when purchasing BRTX in the launchpad.

You can buy BRTX through CoinPayments, CoinBase gateways or directly using your crypto wallet.
The minimum purchase limit for BRTX tokens is now 7378 BRTX.

ICO pre-sale of BRTX tokens will last until November 20.
The BRTX price at the last stage will be - 0.11$.
At the current stage of the sale, the BRTX price is 18 times lower than in the last stage.

There is already a listing of the BRTX token on CoinMarketCap -


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