Last Chance to Farm Fandomdao ($FAND) Pre-listing Airdrop, First listed on MEXC


Mar 2, 2020

Last Chance to Farm Fandomdao ($FAND) Pre-listing Airdrop, First listed on MEXC on March 5th!

The grand debut of the Portal gaming coin has ignited a frenzy in both the crypto and gaming communities, creating ripples of excitement that resonate with enthusiasts worldwide! Those fortunate enough to join the project's exhilarating "Crystal Dash" airdrop campaign on Twitter last year are now basking in the glory of substantial token airdrops. Early supporters who rode the pre-sale wave were handsomely rewarded as Portal soared to a breathtaking peak of approximately $3.8 within the inaugural hour of trading, delivering an awe-inspiring return of approximately 25 times the initial investment.

In a parallel tale of triumph, the highly-anticipated Web3 messaging platform, Beoble, also dazzled the crypto world with its token listing debut. A select group of winners, emerging from diverse Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Centralized Exchange (CEX) launchpads, reveled in the spoils of a spectacular return — an astounding 12 times their original investment. As of this electrifying moment, the confirmation of $BBL airdrop has set hearts racing, even though the eagerly anticipated distribution is still pending.


For those who may have missed the recent whirlwind of opportunities, fret not! The crypto realm is buzzing with anticipation as we count down to the imminent listing of a SocialFi project that promises to be nothing short of sensational. In just four days, prepare to witness the unveiling of its token, heralding another exhilarating chapter in the crypto world.

Fandomdao, hailed for seamlessly intertwining altruism with fan engagement, has swiftly emerged as a shining star in the digital landscape. Surpassing one million new user sign-ups in under a month and boasting an impressive 95.7% overall active participation rate, Fandomdao stands tall as a symbol of the immense potential inherent in community-driven platforms. Its groundbreaking approach not only cultivates profound user engagement but also serves as a bridge between the realms of Web2 and Web3.


A closer look at the components that contribute to Fandomdao's unprecedented success unveils the core of its revolutionary strategy: the Fandomdao Challenge. This extraordinary initiative leverages the collective power of fan engagement and philanthropy, ingeniously merging fan votes on preferred topics with a culture of sharing. The result is a unique fusion of interactive participation and altruistic endeavors, showcasing Fandomdao's ability to swiftly and effectively captivate and mobilize a substantial audience.

The most recent chapter, 'Fandomdao Challenge 2,' which spotlights the thrilling voting process for the prestigious 2024 Billboard Music Awards, has set off a captivating wave of enthusiasm. In just one week, it has garnered an impressive ~800,000 participating votes, with Taylor Swift leading the charge, amassing approximately ~70,000 votes from her devoted "Swifies."

Guess what, It is not too late to partake in Fandomdao Airdrop farming!

Hold onto your digital seats because the Fandomdao Airdrop Extravaganza is in full swing, and the golden ticket to join the party is still available!

Connecting your wallet brings forth a shower of 300 FAO points – the golden keys to unlock a world of voting power in the epic 'Fandomdao Challenge 2'!

But hold on, there's more! FAO points continue rolling in even after the initial sign-up bonus is utilized. Keep those fandom flames burning bright by engaging with likes, comments, and posts on the platform. Here's the breakdown of the FAO point bonanza:

Like = 1 FAO
Comment = 5 FAO
Post = 20 FAO

And because Fandomdao believes in spreading the love, here's a bonus scoop: Earn an extra 10 FAO for every like or comment your post receives!

So, what's the holdup? Dive into your favorite fandom channel, let the world know your vibes, and witness those FAO points stack up like digital confetti! Remember to strategically utilize FAO points; cast votes to support your favorite artist and elevate them to the top of the leaderboard by the challenge's conclusion.

It's not just an airdrop; it's a Fandomdao fiesta that will eclipse the success of Portal and Beoble!

About Fandomdao
Fandomdao stands as a revolutionary Web3.0 social networking platform tailored for global fandoms, ranging from renowned K-POP idols to emerging artists worldwide. It serves as a vibrant hub where enthusiasts converge to communicate, share, and indulge in abundant entertainment offerings. Boasting over one million users, Fandomdao redefines fan engagement, offering a seamless blend of community interaction and immersive content experiences in the Web3.0 realm.

$FAND has secured its position as the 24H Top 5 Gainers!

For more information, please visit For regular updates, please follow @Fandomdao_ on Twitter​


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