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Oct 6, 2014
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Name: Neptune Miner

Start: Dec 11th, 2023

Features: Strong DDoS protection | SSL encryption | Licensed GC script | Unique design | Registered company | Online chat

About Program:
Broking as well as trading on exchanges is very profitable, especially in the era of cryptocurrencies when everyone can trade. We are a UK registered broker, our neptuneminer.com is registered at 15340042 and is located at 232 New Cross Road, London, England, SE14 5PL.

As a broker, we specialize in binary options trading, exchange transactions with leverage and margin trading. As you know, all of these tools allow you to earn funds for a regular investor or trader in a short time period (sometimes such transactions are closed in a matter of minutes) that significantly exceed the multiple earnings received from trading using standard tools and exchange mechanisms. But they also carry a big risk for the trader. The activities of the neptuneminer.com company from the very beginning practically bear no risks, because we earn commissions from transactions made by traders in large quantities.

To expand our business and penetrate as many large world exchanges and trading platforms as possible, we need authorized capital, contributions are also made, and so on. To this end, neptuneminer.com accepts investments from individuals in order to expand our business as soon as possible and receive even more commissions in the future. This market is very fast growing and time does not wait, because in the end, the most efficient ones become the sharks of business.

neptuneminer.com is such a fast-growing business. For private investors, our company is an excellent choice because we do not engage in high-risk activities and do not lose the funds entrusted to us in dubious transactions on exchanges, at bookmakers and bets. Our income is a commission of millions of transactions, the number of which is growing every day along with the growth of our company and the constant increase of traders around the world.

Investment Plans: 4% daily for 40 days | 5% daily for 32 days | 6% daily for 27 days | 7% daily for 23 days | 8% daily for 20 days
Principal Return: Included in %
Charging: Calendar days

Minimal Spend: $30
Maximal Spend: $1,000,000
Referral: 5%, 2%, 1%*
Withdrawal: Manual
Minimum Withdrawal: $10

Payment systems: Tether TRC20 | Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Dogecoin


2023-12-11 00:56:03
100 Tether USD

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P.S. Listing is bought. I am not the owner or administrator. Information provided here for viewing and discussion only.
received payment withdrawal.

12.00 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TPERsCfwZyvZi4c8T64wz5G8V1JLg48iRk.
Transaction batch is bf6fe6688033d9f35b0e5be37bcaea48e25f098cfd12bc8de6f7fddae2dd983b.
Next payment Received on time as usual,

2023-12-16 23:41:24
10.92 USDT

11.92 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account *.
Transaction batch is cd7c0c06ca4c2b7facc1688341bdcc386420631b2e83a58b1a4ccde27939a40e.

Payment received: $14
Hash: c4d27ac24a159c1bf36df45faa466c04cdb00087de94e623433c4408f9d9849b
Time: 2023-12-18 07:01:24
Block: 57409343
To: TJfDv36NyJkSdav9kcog5naQBCfKiRzNBb
From: TJbHp48Shg4tTD5x6fKkU7PodggL5mjcJP
Next payment Received on time as usual,

2023-12-18 19:43:21
10.92 USDT

11.92 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account *.
Transaction batch is fe55da658f49173f4d27b033fd49f60484606472b58205df2721707a1f14d8f3.



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