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2023-02-20 18:57:36
Fiat money and the new Simple-pool
The Mobybridge team is happy to announce new features of the Platform.

First of all, let's talk about new payment systems.

It is no secret that working with cryptocurrencies requires careful preparation to ensure the security of both investors' funds and the funds of clients using the Criptobridge24 service.

But even more preparation was required to ensure the ability to invest in fiat money.

For more than 3 months, we have been working on a secure gateway with a partner of the EPay project to work with bank cards in more than 40 countries around the world, and we are pleased to announce the launch of this functionality.

What can the Mobybridge Platform do now?

Now the platform is able to accept investments in 5 fiat currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Kazakhstani Tenge and Russian Ruble.

To invest in Fiat, you need to register on the service Epay.com and top up your balance in a currency that is convenient for you. Then, on the Mobybridge platform, select the Simple-pool and the currency in which you intend to invest.

It should be taken into account that due to the situation in the World, deposits in the Ukrainian Hryvnia may be temporarily unavailable (the conclusions are guaranteed to work), as well as work in Russian banks is temporarily limited and investments in Russian Rubles are available through the Advanced Cash service.

Everything is simple, safe and convenient and meets the high standards of Mobybridge.

Register on Epay.

Now about the second news, which is directly related to the first.

Due to the expansion of the line of payment systems, a new type of pool became available on the Platform, Simple-pool.
Its name directly reflects the simple and understandable investment conditions.

Simple-pool allows you to invest both in cryptocurrencies and fiat funds and not think about the profitability of each individual coin.

What is the fundamental difference between Simple-pool and other pools of the Platform?

1. The possibility of investing in Fiat funds.
2. Fixed term of the investment
3. Fixed income with the return of the investment body at the end of the term.

Why is a fixed-income strategy chosen for this pool? Because fiat funds do not participate directly in exchanges in one particular coin, and are used by the service in those pools where liquidity is currently needed.

For the investor, the rules are simple and clear, for the Platform there is no need to bother the investor and force him to understand the complex movements of his investment funds.

Here you can seeSimple-pool investment strategy.

Sincerely, MobyBridge

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Channel: @MobyBridge_com​
Вывод средств успешно завершен ✅👌
МонетаTether TRC20
Сумма10.16178 USDT
Ref + accruals from the project
2023-02-20 19:43:24
Tether USD
This project is run by a professional team and always brings massive profits to their investors
It's a long term involvement and dedication which is required to be in good profits here, make the best of it :)

Payment Batch -

81 Tether TRC-20
2023-02-20 03:50:57

Stable payments

Time: 21.02 10:50
Coin: Bitcoin BITCOIN
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Stable payments

Time: 21.02 10:50
Coin: Bitcoin BITCOIN
Amount: 0.0026775 BTC

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Amount: 9.4 USDT
Date: 22/02/2023
TxID: 31127c11152c8f210b686e829f5221dd1ebc308c93820eee88f915885525faff
Regular stable payments from the project (ref. + accruals)

Time: 22.02 14:51
Coin: Tron TRC20
Amount: 177.346012 TRX

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Time: 22.02 20:27
Coin: Litecoin LITECOIN
Amount: 0.13789755 LTC

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Time: 22.02 20:29
Coin: Tether TRC20
Amount: 56.381985 USDT

Measurement ID:
This project is very stable and will give us profits for a long time
My investment here is helping me withdraw big profits on nearly a daily basis :)

Payment Batch -

84 Tether TRC-20
2023-02-22 12:59:06

✅ PAYING Mobybridge
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