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Mar 19, 2013
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I am not the admin and not the owner of the project
I bring to your attention a new high-quality medium-percentage project!
project start: 01/24/2023

Registration in the project!!!

About the project (taken from the website)​

Mobybridge offers special conditions for partner arbitration, with income in the coin you invested.
Mobybridge is a platform that has its own exchange office that works with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
Funds raised from investors are used to increase working capital to secure exchange applications.
Investors receive income from the commission on exchanges in which their investments participate.
Project Roadmap

The company is rapidly developing and attracting partners all over the world.
To ensure maximum turnover, Cryptobridge24 opens branches in countries where private impersonal turnover of funds is particularly in demand.
February - May 2022 - development, testing and opening of the Cryptobridge24 service
June 2022 - The first 100 Cryptobridge24 customers
August 2022 – opening of cash withdrawal points in exchange for cryptocurrencies in Turkey (Antalya, Alanya) through Cryptobridge24 partners
August 2022 - January 2023 - development and testing and launch of the Mobybridge platform, created to attract working capital and increase the liquidity of Cryptobridge24
April 2023 – exchange offices in Turkey (Istanbul) for issuing cash in exchange for cryptocurrencies through Cryptobridge24 partners
May - June 2023 – the first exchange offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg receiving and issuing cash through partners Cryptobridge24
July 2023
– exchange office in the UAE (Dubai) for cash withdrawal through Cryptobridge24 partners.
August 2023 – exchange office in Kazakhstan (Almaty) for receiving and issuing funds via bank cards in exchange for cryptocurrencies through Cryptobridge24 partners

Investment conditions:​
The investor chooses one of the three pools that is most suitable for the conditions and the coin in which he will invest.
The funds received from the investor are used to increase the volume of the pool, due to which exchange requests are processed from the Cryptobridge24 application.
The more funds in the pool, the more applications the exchanger can simultaneously process and the more revenue the Service receives.

in this type of pool, you can invest only the coin in which the pool operates. For example, if you have Etherium, you can only choose Etherium Coin-pool;
The minimum investment amount is equivalent to ₮20;
the investment in the pool can be increased many times at any time, while all investments will be summed up and accounted for as a single contribution.;
the contribution to the Coin-pool is indefinite;
the investor has the opportunity to switch from one pool to another, for example, from ETH to BTC once every 3 days. The transfer fee is ₮5;
the profit can be withdrawn at any time or reinvested in the pool;
the invested funds can be withdrawn at any time partially or completely;
the frozen amount when withdrawing the body is up to 30% of the investment amount and is frozen for a period of 120 days, after which it is returned to the user's balance and can be withdrawn;
the commission is not deducted from investments in the amount equivalent to less than 50, while several investments in one pool are summed up;
A user can open only one pool for less than 50;

the income is generated from the commission from those exchanges in which the pool coin participates. Profit is accrued when a coin of the pool is sold during the exchange;
the profit from each exchange is divided among investors in proportion to the deposits. At the same time, the own capital of the exchange office is also taken into account. That is, if you have 10% of all investments in the pool, you will receive 10% of the income of each exchange in the selected pool;
the profit is accrued in the coin in which the investment was made, even after the pool change;
the expected profit is in the range of 0.6%-1.2% per day depending on the demand for the coin and the volume of exchanges

Multicoin - pool
when choosing a Multicoin slot, you are guided by what pools it contains. You will receive income from those Coin pools that it contains;
The Multicoin slot can be paid in any coin;
The minimum investment in Multicoin-pool is equivalent to ₮300;
profit can be withdrawn at any time;
the number of Multicoin slots for one investor is unlimited;
you can adjust the proportions of investment volumes in pools inside the Multicoin slot;
the period of accrual of dividends on the Multicoin slot is from 60 to 120 days, after which you can keep the NFT image or sell it to us, receiving additional income;
the owner of 3 Multicoin slots receives a discount on the purchase of the 4th in the amount of 20%;
you can sell a Multicoin slot at any time;
the frozen amount when selling a Multicoin slot is from 25 to 35% of the investment amount and is frozen for a period of 120 days, after which it is returned to the user's balance and can be withdrawn;
the closing fee is not withheld if the investment has worked more than 1/2 of the Multicoin slot's working life;

we identify the most popular pairs for exchange at the moment and issue a limited series of Multicoin slots, each of which contains a unique NFT inside;
each Multicoin slot contains from 2 to 4 Coin-pools;
the profitability of the Multicoin slot directly depends on the profitability of the Coin-pool contained inside;
profit is accrued in the coin in which the investment was made;
the expected profit is in the range of 0.6%-1.2% per day depending on the profitability contained within the Coin-pool;

investing in Contract-pool allows you to receive income from all exchanges made on Cryptobridge24;
you can invest in Contract-pool in any coin;
The minimum investment amount is equivalent to ₮1000;
the investor can replenish the pool an unlimited number of times;
you can withdraw the investment body from the Contract-pool at any time;
profit can be withdrawn at any time;
for the withdrawal of the investment body earlier than 90 days, a part from 1 to 90% is frozen, depending on the investment period;
the frozen amount for the withdrawal of the body decreases by 1% daily and after 90 days becomes equal to 0%;

The yield
contains all the Coin-pool available for investment and several exclusive coins available only to Contract-pool investors, which provides additional income;
40% of investments are evenly distributed among Coin-pool coins, 60% is managed by AI to maximize profits (the most profitable Coin-pools are selected to increase the final profit);
the expected profit is in the range of 1.1% to 1.4% per day;​

How fast are deposit/withdrawal transactions processed?
Withdrawal of funds to the balance from the Coin-pool and NFT-pool occurs instantly.
Withdrawal of funds from the balance to the wallet takes from 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the workload of the service.

Withdrawal of funds to the wallet from the Contract-pool takes place in two stages:
1. The user creates a withdrawal request and it is validated by within 72 hours.
2. The user withdraws funds to the wallet.​

Referral and bonus programs:​

Remuneration for the turnover of the structure
Remuneration for turnover is paid once when the required turnover is reached
To receive a reward, you must have an active or completed investment in any of the pools.
To receive a reward, you must have an active or completed investment in any of the pools for at least $ 100.

List of cryptocurrencies available for investment

Information about minimum deposits and withdrawals, as well as commissions for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies:
Deposit 0.0005 BTC - 2.5 BTC
Commission 0 BTC
Withdrawal 0.0005 BTC - 0.12 BTC
The commission is 0.00005 BTC if the withdrawal amount is less than 0.015 BTC

Tether TRC20
Deposit $10 - $50,000
Commission $0
Withdrawal of $10 -$2500
The commission is $1 if the withdrawal amount is less than $250


Deposit 0.005 ETH - 35 ETH
Commission 0 ETH
Withdrawal 0.005 ETH - 1.5 ETH
The commission is 0.0025 ETH if the withdrawal amount is less than 0.2 ETH

Deposit 150 TRX - 835000 TRX
Commission 0 TRX
Output 150 TRX - 41000 TRX
Commission 0 TRX
For the rest of the cryptocurrencies, all information is available in F.A.Q.
Technical Specifications!​

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My Deposit!!!​
Our deposit
2023-01-24 20:05:54
700 Tether USD USDT
Tether USD
2023-01-24 20:32:00
0155297979b54ac4ddd2a4301cfdbe9832d74c306ae9547db7 604c9657359a64
2023-01-25 00:45:15
51 Tether USDUSDT
деп 50
Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin

2023-01-25 20:41:27

339.843599 Tether USD USD
Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin


2023-01-27 11:34:00
Tether USD
Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin

Время: 29.01 09:23
Монета: Binance USD bep20
Сумма: 8 BUSD
ID транзакции:

Время: 29.01 09:23
Монета: Litecoin litecoin
Сумма: 0.28278458 LTC
ID транзакции:
Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin

Время: 29.01 21:04
Монета: Binance USD bep20

Сумма: 38.056869 BUSD

ID транзакции:
Briefly about the main thing

- Investment amount: from ₮1000
- You can invest any coin in the Contract-pool
- Profit: 1.1%-1.4% daily
- Recommended investment period: from 90 days
- Withdrawal of invested funds: at any time
- Commission for closing an investment: 0% after 90 days
- Profit withdrawal: at any time
- Reinvest: possible from ₮50
- Replenishment: possible from ₮50
- Number of active Contract-pool: unlimited
Examples are given at the end of the article.


- Service: currency exchange service cryptobridge24.com .
- Platform: investment platform mobybridge.com (and mirrors mobybridge.pro , mobybridge.org , mobybridge.co , mobybridge.cc ).
- Coin: currencies based on blockchain technologies, including classic cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins.
- Contract: A verified contract with an open code in the ERC20 and BEP20 networks
- Investor: a registered user of the Platform who has deposited funds in any of the pools on the terms specified on the official website of the Platform.
- Gotos.link: A third-party service for receiving short links used for sending in the referral program, email and news.

General information

Contract-pool is a unique and most profitable investment offer on the Platform.
The main difference and advantage is to receive income from coins that are not available for investment in Coin-pool and Multicoin-pool.

Another, no less important difference is the possibility of investing in the Contract by two payment methods: through the connection of wallets and direct payment by invoice.

Let's consider the differences between the work of both payment methods of the invoice:

Via wallet connection:

To invest through a wallet, you need to have one of the supported wallets* and a sufficient amount of funds on it.
To choose this payment method, after confirming the protocol and the amount of the investment, select "Pay with a wallet"
- Investments are available in Coins on ERC20 and BEP20 protocols
- The invested funds are automatically included in the contract, after issuing permissions to the Platform to manage the wallet.
- The invested funds after the completion of the investment are automatically sent to the wallet from which the investment was made.
- The profit is credited to the balance of the Platform. Profit withdrawal is available at any time.

* The full list of supported wallets is published at the end of the article.

Through direct payment of the invoice:

- Investments are available through all Coins available on the Platform.
- The invested funds get into the contract through the payment of the balance.
- The invested funds after the completion of the investment are returned to the balance of the Platform, from where the Investor can withdraw them at any time.
- The profit is credited to the balance of the Platform. Profit withdrawal is available at any time.

How income is generated

The Contract-pool funds are distributed between the stabilization fund of 20% and the revolving fund of 80%.

Funds within the contract are automatically distributed among all Coin-pools to achieve maximum income.

Also, Contract-pool investors have access to several areas that are not available to other Investors, which allows them to receive more income compared to Coin-pool and Multicoin-pool.

The profitability statistics of all Coin pools can be viewed on the Platform page

For more information, click on the selected pool. The information is given in an average form, and exchanges occur unevenly within the day, for example, in the morning there may be fewer of them, and in the evening more.

You can follow all the exchange operations performed on the Service in the official Telegram channel

Information on the exchanges in which your Slot takes part can be viewed in your Personal Account.

Investment features of Contract-pool

1. You can invest in the Contract-pool in any coin.
2. The open Contract-pool can be replenished via the wallet connection via payment by Invoice and vice versa. At the same time, the withdrawal of funds will be regulated by different rules, as described in the "General Information" section
3. The commission for each deposit is taken into account separately.
4. Profit is accrued in the coin in which the investment was made.
5. Investments in the Contract-pool are available from an amount equivalent to ₮1000.
6. The maximum investment amount is unlimited.
7. The number of simultaneously opened Contract-pools in different Coins is unlimited.
8. The resulting profit can be withdrawn at any time.
9. Withdrawal of funds from the contract is possible at any time.
10. The term of the Contract-pool is not limited.
11. In case of full or partial withdrawal of funds from the Contract-pool earlier than 90 days, the commission is withheld.
12. The commission is reduced daily by 1%, starting from 90%. That is, after 90 days of investment, the commission becomes 0%.

The limits for depositing and withdrawing funds from the balance can be found on the Platform page


You have invested in Contract-pool ₮1000.
- Daily profit will be up to 1.4% according to statistics for 30 days of work.
- The profit accrued to the balance can be withdrawn at any time.

After 10 days, you will reinvest the funds in the Contract-pool at the expense of the profit received in the amount of 140 rubles via replenishment from the Balance.
At the same time, it is important to remember that the replenishment of the current Contract-pool is available from an amount equivalent to ₮50.
Now in the report you can observe that the period up to zero commission for the first replenishment will be 80 days, and for the second 90.
After 80 days, you withdraw the funds invested at the very beginning without commission and now the profit will be credited only to the remaining funds in the Contract-pool.
The remaining funds can be withdrawn without commission in 10 days after the withdrawal of the first part of the investment.

List of available wallets:

Applications and browser extensions:

Metamask, Binance, Coinbase, Tally, Exodus, Trust, Opera, Status, Alphawallet, Atoken, Bitpie, Blockwallet, Brave, D'Cent, Frame, Huobiwallet, Hyperpay, IMtoken, Liquality, Meetone, Mykey, Ownbit, Tokenpocket, TP, xDefi, 1inch, Tokenary, GameStop, Rabby, MathWallet, Gamestop, Bitkeep, Sequence, Core, Bitski, Enkrypt

Connected via WalletConnect:

MetaMask, Crypto.com (DeFi Wallet), Ledger Live, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Argent, Gnosis Safe multisig, Pillar, imToken, ONTO, TokenPocket, MathWallet, BitPay, WallETH, Authereum, Dharma, 1inch Wallet, Huobi Wallet, Eidoo, MYKEY, Loopring Wallet, TrustVault, Atomic, Coin98, CoolWallet, Alice, AlphaWallet, D’CENT Wallet, ZelCore, Nash, Coinomi, GridPlus, CYBAVO Wallet, Tokenary, Torus, Spatium, SafePal, Infinito, wallet.io, Infinity Wallet, Ownbit, EasyPocket, Bridge Wallet, SparkPoint, ViaWallet, BitKeep, Vision, PEAKDEFI Wallet, Unstoppable Wallet, HaloDeFi Wallet, Dok Wallet, AT.Wallet, Midas Wallet, Ellipal, KEYRING PRO, Aktionariat, Talken Wallet, XinFin XDC Network, Flare Wallet, KyberSwap, AToken Wallet, Tongue Wallet, RWallet, Plasma Pay, O3Wallet, HashKey Me, Jade Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Defiant, Trustee Wallet, CoinUs, cmorq, Valora, QuiverX, Celo Wallet, Elastos Essentials, fuse.cash, Bitpie, Rabby, Stasis, JulWallet, f(x) Wallet, Bull App, Anybit, bitpie, Minerva Wallet, ArchiPage, Tangem, Chainge Finance, ioPay, Coinhub, Go Pocket, Wallet 3, yiToken, DID Wallet, StarBase, Shinobi Wallet, Steakwallet, GD Wallet, Binana, AirGap, PayTube, SecuX, BlockBank, Orange, NEFTiPEDiA, Avacus, Krystal, Linen, CeloTerminal, Ambire Wallet, Spot, Frontier

Sincerely, MobyBridge

Chat: @MobyBridge_com_chat
Channel: @MobyBridge_com

News on the website:
Got paid. good program. Thanks admin

Time: 31.01 10:09
Coin: Tron trc20
Amount: 185.666139 TRX

Transaction ID:
Everything about this program looks and feels professional
It takes a good team to build a good project and this is definitely one
I decided to invest my funds to the "Contract plan" and a total sum of $2500
I am always in for the long patience and stable earnings :)

NEW Deposit Batch -

1300 Tether TRC-20
2023-01-28 15:37:30

1200 Tether TRC-20
2023-01-28 17:20:00

Payment Batch -

45 Tether TRC-20
2023-01-31 04:32:27





Referral program

Users often wonder why a referral program is needed and whether it is a waste of money. Perhaps it would be better to put them into circulation?

Let's try to understand this issue using the example of the MOBYBRIDGE Platform.

On the one hand, part of the working capital is spent on payment of obligations under the Referral Program. And of course, this reduces the newly acquired working capital. It would seem that this is an unreasonable expenditure of targeted funds and Investors should be concerned.

But, let's look at it from the other side. In order for the platform to function successfully, it must gain a certain amount of investment. It is worth recalling that the Platform earns a small percentage of each exchange on the Service cryptobridge24.com where Investors' funds are used.

In order to receive a sufficient amount of investment, it is necessary that a large number of potential investors find out about the Platform. And there are two ways here:

1. Promotion through advertising:

- Placing the Platform in the first lines in popular search engines, by keywords, without paying for search services: long and most likely unattainable.

- Advertising in popular search engines: very expensive, minimal conversion, efficiency close to zero and due to this huge expenses per unit of an active Investor, often exceeding the entire probable income of the Platform from activities using Investor funds.

- Advertising on Social networks and through Bloggers: huge instant costs, low probability of hitting the target audience, small response and as a result, high cost of Investor entry.

2. Promotion through Word of Mouth

For this method of promotion, it should be noted right away that it is used not so much by marketers, but is naturally used by consumers of goods and services themselves of their own free will.

There are potentially interested reputable Partners on target forums, and they are invited to test the Platform, understand the mechanism of work and how interesting it may be for other Investors.

In fact, a contract is concluded with each Partner with piecework wages, where its result is an Investment in the Platform, and not just clicks, as in search engines.

If we compare these ways of promotion, the second method has absolute advantages, which is more efficient in terms of costs for useful transitions. And if you calculate the total costs of the first and second methods, the second one turns out to be much cheaper.

Learn more about the MOBYBRIDGE Referral Program

The referral program takes into account Investors up to the 3rd level, which allows you to significantly increase the income of Partners due to a large Referral structure.

It is worth dividing the reward for the Referral program into three separate groups.

1. Remuneration for the amount of investment

There is one general rule for all pools: this remuneration is not charged for investments of less than 50 rubles.

For investments of more than 50 rubles, a one-time reward is provided, depending on the level of the referral and the pool in which the investment was made.

2. Remuneration for working time

We do not hide that it is more profitable for the Platform to attract long-term investments, and from the point of view of costs it is more profitable to work with existing investors than to pay the costs of new investments.

In this group, remuneration is accrued daily as a percentage of the net profit received by the invited referral for the entire duration of the Investment.

3. Remuneration for the total investment in the Referral structure.[/b]

This group takes into account the total amount of investments in any of the pools in the Referral Structure at all three levels.

Upon reaching a certain turnover, the Partner receives a one-time reward to the Balance of the Platform and a Multicoin-pool slot with a unique collection of NFT.

Detailed information can be found on the Referral Program page in your personal account.

Sincerely, MobyBridge

Chat: @MobyBridge_com_chat
Channel: @MobyBridge_com

News on the website:
Another payment

Time: 03.02 00:45
Coin: Binance USD bep20
Amount: 20.979887 BUSD

Transaction ID:
This Arbitrage project is run by a professional team so we will be seeing good profits for certain
I was paid my withdrawal very quick as well :)

Payment Batch -

72 Tether TRC-20
2023-02-02 18:13:39

Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin

Time: 04.02 09:42
Coin: Tron trc20
Address: TJqnLGWp1xRuMsTheEQWmoxX136bY7****

Amount: 325.225525 TRX

Transaction ID:

Time: 04.02 10:42
Coin: Litecoin litecoin
Address: LdrKUGQYjEuNbdTgLPYX7dNjKN6QVXv****

Amount: 0.12097834 LTC

Transaction ID:
Super powerful project which is a gem in this industry
Projects like these are where we need to invest to gain profits and also keep supporting them hard
I was paid my withdrawal real quick again :)

Payment Batch -

82 Tether TRC-20
2023-02-04 19:19:24



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