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referral bonuses are available to you even if you don't invest in GQclub. But believe me people really trust your experience so show them that everything is safe here by example and they will want to work with you.
Yea, i got it, but i have to communicate with people to built a real strong structure, its the only thing what is bothering me.
when several dividends are activated, you receive income more often than once every 7 days.

06/01/2024 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Paid out
Dividend GQclub
20/01/2024 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Paid out

Class action in the club has started:
Promotion ""Video Review"" - Conditions of participation:
Start of the promotion: From January 18.
Video Criteria:
- Create a video review of the GQ club and personal account.
- Describe the registration process.
- Demonstrate the activation of the deposit and dividends.
- Video and deposit must be created no earlier than January 18.
- Activate the dividends on the new deposit.
- Receive up to a 10% bonus on the new deposit.
Make a video, upload it to your YouTube channel and your social media accounts. Make sure your social media accounts are publicly accessible to members and visitors. Also, don't forget to tag GQ-Club under your video!
Amount: 11.6 USDT
Dae: 28/01/2024
TxID: 70b9023fd90080aef0ebbd5a1075f5b0f01e115a1dda8e5898a6ca6f69f19aaf
Amount: 49 USDT
Dae: 28/01/2024
TxID: 723af33eafdea249ac291d397adfa27862ade91884a2556aa4b04d09b17eb82c
Amount: 354 TRX
Dae: 29/01/2024
TxID: df8c449d0d3a8cfce5328bed38c616faaaecb4db187bfd56aa3833f7d096d02a
Amount: 197 TRX
Date: 31/01/2024
TxID: 32c7d31a43aa52981561cfdaacbff2dfce70b98aa1ce9cf0108211abc4640f63


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