Airdrop Distribution of NFT and tokens for testing the EYWA protocol from the project


Oct 20, 2021
The EYWA project awards NFT and project tokens for participating in cross-chain protocol testing.

Registration in the EYWA Telegram bot - .

Alpha testing of the EYWA cross-chain protocol has started. Its members will receive rewards in the form of NFTs that can be sold on OpenSea and exchanged for EYWA tokens upon the launch of the mainnet.

What should be done:

- Register a wallet in the EYWA Telegram bot.
- Select two blockchains (all instructions in the bot).
- Complete several tasks such as transferring tokens between networks and subscribe to their social networks (tasks are easy, everything is done according to the instructions in the bot).

For each completed task, you will receive points. You can exchange the received points for unique collectible NFTs. The more points you get, the more valuable NFT you can get.

Only users who have completed social assignments will be able to participate in IDO and exchange their points for NFTs, on which EYWA tokens will be credited.

The EYWA project has a 3-level referral program:

Level 1:
5% of the points of all users who used your referral link to register in the bot.

Level 2:
3% of the points of all users who used the referral link received from the Level 1 users you invited to register.

Level 3:
2% of the points of all users who used the referral link received from the Level 2 users you invited to register.
As of today, November 3, there were already 3 stages of submission of new batches of tasks in the Telegram bot.
The total number of points for all completed tasks, excluding the referral program, can be up to 325 points.
In the "PRO Mode" tab, the opportunity is available to re-pass all tasks using other networks, and earn additional points.

Today networks are available:
Binance SC testnet - Ethereum Rinkeby
Ethereum Rinkeby - Polygon Mumbai
Ethereum Rinkeby - Avalanche Testnet Network
Ethereum Rinkeby - Testnet Heco
To date, over 81000 users have taken part in the alpha testing of the EYWA platform.

The tasks were completed in full :

First stage: 51588 users

Second stage: 44317 users

Third stage: 39796 users

Fourth stage: 22539 users

Professional Mode :

First stage: 24983 users

Second stage: 24522 users

Third stage: 24310 users

Fourth stage: 19233 users

Alpha testing continues.


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