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Mar 5, 2021
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Online Date 2023-12-06

Investment Plans: 0.2% per hour for 720 Hours -- Total Returns 144% (Principal Included)

Min Spend
100 Tron

Min Withdraw 20 Tron

Referral Commission 0.01% per hour from direct referral income, 0.025% per hour for Binary matching income

Withdrawal Type Manual - 24 hours

Payment Method: Tron


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About Tron Saga:
TronSaga - Go Gaga with Tron Saga! Genius traders aren't the ones who do it all; they're the ones who do the right stuff, the stuff that really counts.

Here's how we roll:
If you've got 100 to 500 Bitcoins ready to rock with our simple plan. You load 'em up on exchanges like Binance or Bittrex, then watch Bitcoin's wild rollercoaster, going up and down by hundreds of USDT every hour. Bitcoin dips? We buy in bulk. Bitcoin soars? We cash out. No stress, we're swimming in USDT. We don't mess with Futures Trading, we just ride the Bitcoin waves in the Spot. With every BTC, we're scoring around $300 to $700 in profit. So do the math when you've got 100 to 500 of 'em to play with.

Your Trusted Partner in the World of Tron Finance

At Tron Saga, your financial security and trust are our top priorities. Our dedicated team of experts is driven by an unwavering passion for all things blockchain and Tron technology. Tron Saga opens the gateway to the most cutting-edge blockchain technology, offering you an immersive experience like no other. Our primary mission is nothing short of revolutionizing the internet. We're doing this by harnessing the power of the latest technology to decentralize the web, giving control back to the users.

+ Additional Info

Plans Details:
Return On Investments
0.2% Per Hour

Minimum Deposit
100 TRX and above
Duration 720 Hours
(30 Days, Including Weekends)
Total Returns
(Principal Included)

Direct Referral Income
0.01% Per Hour

Any individual who joins our platform using your Referral link will be considered as your direct referral.
Duration 720 Hours
(30 Days, Including Weekends)
Total Income per Direct
Referral 7.2% in 30 Days.

Binary Matching Income
0.025% Per Hour

Income generated through matching businesses on the left and right sides of your account is considered as Binary Matching Income.
Duration 720 Hours
(30 Days, Including Weekends)
Total Income on each Binary
Matched 18% in 30 Days.

+Whois Info:
Registrar Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu
IANA ID: 1647
URL: http://www.registrar.eu,http://www.openprovider.com
Whois Server: whois.registrar.eu

Registrar Status clientTransferProhibited, ok
Dates 91 days old
Created on 2023-10-12
Expires on 2024-10-12
Updated on 2023-11-01

Name Servers NS1.SITE-DNS.COM (has 6,493 domains)
NS2.SITE-DNS.COM (has 6,493 domains)
NS3.SITE-DNS.COM (has 6,493 domains)

IP Address - 20 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location Spain - Barcelona - Barcelona

Our deposit proof : https://tronscan.org/#/transaction/75bb85cfbf60855ecc3c055ec939d4d27e60d1d45317528464563c5b1e82830a

The admin paid $1000 insurance for lifetime --- read our insurance rules here


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