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Mar 2, 2020
Prepaidify - most-trafficked digital gift card based website Offers Your Purchasing of Gift Cards Easy

With the increasing use of cryptocurrency in our world today, there is a continued push to have it in almost every sector of the world economy. Today, Prepaidify is setting the stage for such a move. To bring together crypto and retail industries together, this platform allows you to buy Razer Gold with ethereum. That way, users can diversify the use of their cryptocurrencies.

According to, “We envision a world of cryptocurrency use being the main currency for trade in all retailing circles. Our goal is to bridge that gap for all.” The platform has succeeded to do so by providing digital gift card solutions for buying gift cards with ease.

Bridging the Gap for Cryptocurrency Users

Even with the introduction of cryptocurrency, not many industries have accepted its use. For that reason, people like prepaidify seek because it closes that gap. Talking about their efforts, the chief executive officer said, “Prepaidify affords users the possibility of buying online popular card brands from certified retailers. These include Nordstrom, iTunes and Google Play among others.” In addition, the division allows you to buy your gift cards in different denominations.

Buying of gift cards had for a long time restricted to the conventional currency. However, times are changing and platforms like are paving the way for virtual currency. As noted on the company website, fulfilment options included digital gift delivery through e-mail for both businesses and consumers.

Prepaidify Use and Application

Expressing their confidence in the use of prepaidify, the company was proud to highlight areas where their services could apply. A prepaidify representative said, “You can use our service to buy a gift card, prepaid cards or even MasterCard using bitcoin.”

Further, the owners said that they had the vision to bring together the retail world and cryptocurrency. That way, the restriction of cryptocurrency use at retailers will be a thing of the past.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has continued to grow in its use and application. Today, there is a significant investment in the metaverse and that shows the increasing number of people that are beginning to embrace this technology. In similar efforts, said that its goal was to make crypto a major form of currency for trade.

Speaking about service value, the management said, “Our customers can expect express delivery of gift cards with instructions, redeemed codes, instant email delivery 24/7 and a 100% guarantee of working codes.” Nothing could be better than this as perceived by different people who expressed interest in their services.

It has been all smiles for anyone looking for convenient and reliable digital gift card buying solutions. Asked about how they would rate prepaidify services, some customers said that they enjoyed their speed and ease of using the website. Above all, they expressed their satisfaction with the cost of using the platform.

From these testimonials, it was clear that the platform is indeed providing solutions to crypto users. Therefore, the company can only expect that things will continue getting better as they venture into other areas and open them up for cryptocurrency use.

Payment Options Available with Prepaidify

For those intending to use their services, the sales department head highlighted various payment options for their customers. These include debit cards, credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin. Billing for the purchase of gift cards is done when Prepaidify gives you the gift card.

To get these services, consumers provide their payment information and authorize the platform or a third-party payment processor to carry out the transaction. Ultimately, the processor securely keeps the payment records and other related information.

About Prepaidify

Founded in 2018, Prepaidify is a division of Payforward, LLC, a management, scientific, and technical consulting services company located in Valencia, CA, United States. Prepaidify provides services to various digital gift card products such as prepaid MasterCard gift cards, personalized prepaid Visa gift cards and other top brands.

This is one of the top-ranking digital gift card sites. With Prepaidify, people can buy online common card brands such as iTunes, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Google Play among other more than 400 cards from licensed retailers. The company’s vision is to merge retail industries with crypto. That way, users can spend their cryptocurrencies at all retailers.


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