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Sep 21, 2015
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Start date: Nov 15, 2022

Investment Plans: Profit 0.6 – 1.2% daily for 365 days, Deposit Included

Min Spend $100

Min Withdraw: 10$

Referral Commission 7 type bonus (Direct Bonus, Binary Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, Marketing Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus)

Withdrawal Type: Manual

Payment Methods

Licensed Custom' Script
About Us:
Maxpread Technologies is a platform that monetizes new economic opportunities and cutting-edge developments in inter-exchange and p2p transaction automation. The Maxpread team, using automated search and transaction tools based on artificial intelligence, provides up to 330% annual returns to platform users.​
Plans Details:
▪️ Plan Investment: Invest from 100 – 1,000,000$, profit 0.6 – 1.2% daily for 365 days, Deposit Included​

Notes: Currently only support USDT TRC20 and all fund top up will convert to MUSD (1MUSD = 1 USD). You can transfer Your MUSD to others member without fee (Internal Transfer). You only have 1 active investment.

Maxpread Product

1/ Arbitrage Platform

The Maxpread Technologies platform automatically manages the investor’s assets, starting with the deposit and ending with the collection of profit.


2/ AI Agora

Agora’s artificial intelligence was developed with the main goal of performing functions that were traditionally considered the prerogative of humans.

Agora’s set of reasonableness criteria and modular structure were developed by Maxpread Capital’s team of top experts with ten years of experience in cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Some Modules


Affiliate Program

7 type bonus (Direct Bonus, Binary Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, Marketing Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus). Learn details on Your Account at Promo => Presentation

+ Our Deposit:



Request RCB
AGORA is the center of Maxpread Technologies' arbitrage platform
The daily achievement of the highest results in cryptocurrency arbitrage has become possible due to the implementation of AGORA artificial intelligence.
Maxpread Technologies' in-house development is a sophisticated and innovative algorithm based on neural network computing.

AGORA AI includes modules:

Agora corporate reporting
Analysis of the financial processes of all the departments in the orbit of MR.

Agora transfer pricing
Rates and quotes for all exchange-traded products and national currencies.

Agora investment manager
Diversifies the investment volume.

Agora profit manager
Calculation of the rate of return.

Agora risk manager
Trade plan modelling.

Agora management of regulatory reference information
Adapts actions according to the changes in the legislation regulating international transactions (commissions, limits etc).

The effective working of AGORA modules allows the arbitrage platform to provide stable profitability in any market situation.

To see the efficiency of AGORA AI, buy any arbitrage plan and start generating daily passive income. The first partners of Maxpread Technologies already have a stable income, which is reflected in the weekly reports of the platform.

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies team
Maxpread Technologies Weekly Report
We live in amazing times! Last week in the international currency markets was marked by updated records for inflation. So, inflation in Japan exceeded 3.7% and in the EUR-zone 10.9%. However, unlike the JPY, the EUR retraced 1% of its decline.
Optimistic forecasts are coming from Turkey. The long-suffering Turkish lira has shed more than 80% of its value this year according to the regulator, however analysts expect the inflation rate to drop to 21% in 2024.

EUR/USD +1.01%
JPY/USD -1.4%
TRY/USD -0.03%

In the cryptocurrency assets market, the volatility is traditionally more powerful. Fear reigns in the markets, with alts mostly in the red zone. BTC and ETH are showing slight declines. However, it is not the largest digital assets that have had traders' attention.
Last week, the entire cryptocommunity was watching $TWT.

BTC -0.87%.
ETH -3.67%
TWT +97.78%.

Despite the general instability in the world economy and the gradual decline in almost all markets, the arbitrage platform Maxpread Technologies shows record results, 6.06% profit. It became possible due to the automated tools of choice of the most profitable combinations and trading pairs based on artificial intelligence Agora.

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies team
Maxpread Technologies gets closer!

People from all over the world discover new economic opportunities and become partners of Maxpread Technologies!
We have localized the presentation materials in the most popular languages to make the interaction with the company and the development of the partner line even more convenient and accessible.

Presentations in English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other languages are available in the corresponding section of the back office.

Use new materials to bring your business to an international level!

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies
Maxpread Technologies Ecosystem

Maxpread Technologies' business development lies far beyond the arbitrage platform.
With an effective tool for creating stable profits, we not only provide our partners with a source of passive income, but also invest in the development of new elements of the Maxpread Technologies ecosystem.

Future products

Decentralized Exchange
Our own DEX which allows our partners to make fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions.

MX Wallet
A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with WEB3.0 and NFT support

Crypto/fiat Acquiring
Proprietary payment gateway.

Online platform for b2c and b2b businesses and buyers.

NFT-based meta-universe to drive business and relationships in the digital space.

GameFi Platform
Your own distribution platform for Play2Earn projects.

Don't miss announcements related to new products in the Maxpread Technologies ecosystem! You can find updates in our social media and news section of the website.

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies team
🎈👍 #Maxpread News Updated

✅ Upgrade RCB from 150% to 300% Commission for new deposit and Upgrade deposit (15% of your deposit)
✅ Who have largest deposit amount from Dec 01 - Dec 30, 2022 will get bonus contest: 100$ direct to your wallet.
✅ Who have largest turnover amount will get bonus contest: 200$ direct to your wallet. And you must have at least turnover 500$ for apply.
How do arbitrage plans work?

Arbitrage plans are a basic component of both the platform and the Maxpread Technologoies referral program.

By purchasing an Arbitrage plan, the user has access to two sources of income at once:
⁃ Passive income from the AI Agora-based platform
⁃ 7 types of referral rewards for developing an affiliate network

Passive income
Arbitrage platform based on AI Agora 24/7 uses revenue from the sale of Arbitrage plans for generating profit. Part of the profit goes to package owners and is paid daily. Average daily revenue is 0.6%-1.2%.
We report weekly on the profits generated by the Arbitrage plans holders. For example, last week Maxpread Technologies partners earned 6.74 (https://t.me/maxpread/17)%🔥

Affiliate Program
Maxpread Technologies pays generous rewards for developing our affiliate network to each member who contributes to our overall business! There are 7 types of bonuses available to each affiliate. Some of them are paid depending on the partner's rank. Partner's rank depends on the success of the entire team and the partner's own Arbitrage plan.

In one of our next articles, we will figure out why you need to upgrade your Arbitrage plan. Stay tuned and follow updates on our social networks and back office!

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies.
Maxpread Technologies Limited was officially registered in Hong Kong🥳
The current week is rich with good news for the company and partners!
Maxpread Technologies added a new legal entity to its portfolio!

Company Name: Maxpread Technologies Limited
Jurisdiction: Hong Kong
Authorized capital: $100,000,000

The new company opens new opportunities for us to develop in the international market, while complying with all legal regulations🔥.
There are many more good news ahead of us! Stay tuned for more updates on our social media and your backoffice🙌🏻

Best regards, Maxpread Technologies team
✅ We are pleased to introduce you to the avatar of the artificial intelligence of the arbitration platform Maxpread Technologies, AGORA. Our company's mascot combines the qualities and advantages that we are proud of: Intelligence - Technological prowess - Daring - Results-oriented.
✅ Together with Max we present you a set of Telegram stickers with our mascot in the title role. Use the stickers in chats, groups and personal correspondence to declare your partnership with Maxpread Technologies: https://t.me/addstickers/AgoraMXP


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