Oct 20, 2021
The MuskSwap ecosystem ( - a cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk, is conducting an interesting airdrop of MUSK tokens.
For participation, you can earn - 25 million MUSK (~30$), for 1 referral - 5 million MUSK (~6$).

Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot - .

The airdrop budget is large - 1 trillion MUSK (~500.000$).
The distribution must be received by all participants in the airdrop.
Airdrop End Date : November 30, 2021
MUSK Token Distribution Date : December 31, 2021
Token unlocking date : January 1, 2022

Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are quite simple :
- Join the group and subscribe to the company's Telegram channel.
- On Twitter, follow the account and retweet the pinned MuskSwap tweet.
- Subscribe to the company's Youtube channel.

Maximum Token Supply : 1 Quadrillion MUSK (~500.000.000$).
The MUSK token contract on the BSC network is - 0xcD657182A749554fc8487757612F02226355269d .

The MuskSwap ecosystem will also include other tokens - TESLA, SPACEX, STARLINK, the development of which will end soon.
Retweeting is a prerequisite for receiving an airdrop from MuskSwap !
It is advisable to retweet the pinned MuskSwap tweet with a mark from 3 friends + the hashtags of the project, or it is better to write a comment on the pinned tweet.
On November 17, the 3rd round of the pre-sale of MUSK tokens at the price of 1 MUSK = 0,000000055$ ends.
In the 4th round from November 18, the cost of 1 MUSK will be - 0,000000065$.

The development of TESLA and SPACEX tokens has already been completed.

The address of the TESLA token contract on the BSC network is - 0x037dd2eefc39664fcd33cf93ed840d34b50b05d0.
Maximum offer : 21.000.000 TESLA
TESLA tokens are already available for purchase on Pancakeswap and Muskswap.
Cost of 1 TESLA = ~1.5$

The address of the SPACEX token contract on the BSC network is - 0x6657c7ef476927d410e625aeda9a118d2cc488b2.
Maximum offer : 210.000.000 SPACEX
IDO pre-sale
You can also participate in the lucrative IDO pre-sale of MUSK tokens.

Link to participate in IDO -

For the purchase of MUSK tokens by your referrals, you will receive 10% of the amount of their purchase.

On November 18, the last 4th round of IDO pre-sale started, the price of MUSK tokens was 20 times understated, the 4th round will end on December 17, 2021.
The airdrop has been extended until December 31.
There is only a limited amount of MUSK tokens left for buying in the presale of the last round.


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