How to make money on TikTok: traffic arbitrage for beginners (and not only) arbitrageurs


Oct 29, 2022
How to make money on TikTok: traffic arbitrage for beginners (and not only) arbitrageurs

TikTok offers a lot of earning opportunities for bloggers, webmasters and ordinary users who love to surf the social networks. True, the latest bans on downloading content in relation to the citizens of the Russian Federation dealt a huge blow to the market. However, there are still loopholes that make it possible to work with TikTok. What tools to use to make money, how to get around the ban, what you need to arbitrate traffic - our article will tell.

What is multi-accounting and how is it useful

The most effective way to make money on any social network is to use several accounts at once. This approach allows, for example, to promote several products and different niches at the same time, using its own account for each of them. The main advantage of multi-accounting is that you will always have insurance. That is, if the social network blocks one of the accounts for any reason, the advertising revenue will not stop flowing, since spare accounts will be involved in the case.

However, it is simply impossible to create a large number of accounts in a regular browser. Firstly, TikTok itself, by default, does not allow you to create and link more than 5 accounts to one browser. Secondly, do not forget about the prohibitions in relation to users in Russia, which makes multi-accounting in the current realities seem to be useless.

How to be in such a case? The only working way in 2022 is to work with the antidetect browser, which is an ideal tool for creating several secure accounts for different types of earnings.

Below we will analyze which earning methods are compatible with multi-accounting and how to arbitrate on TikTok using the Gologin browser antidetect, with it, your accounts will be protected from banks as much as possible, besides, it has 14 days of free use with the promo code ANTIKGOLOGIN14, where you can create up to 1000 profiles, which is very convenient.

Earning on likes and comments

One of the easiest ways to make money for ordinary users who do not have experience in arbitration. The process is extremely simple: the account owner registers on special boxes, where he receives tasks and rewards for completing them. To earn more, it is better to use multiple accounts.

What services provide tasks for making money on TikTok:

• 1tok - a relatively new exchange, activities, aimed specifically at TikTok;

• tiktop-free - another service for TikTok, providing more than 3000 daily tasks;

• BossLike - an activity exchange for various social networks, there are tasks for likes and comments in TikTok.

Earnings on likes and comments is a simple but ineffective way. So let's move on.

Sale of advertising

Users with a large number of subscribers can sell ads. Anything can be advertised. The main thing is not to violate the rules of the social network. The most effective advertising integration formats in TikTok:

• promotion of brands - tiktoker advertises a certain product or service, talking about it in videos;

• promotion of accounts - tiktoker records a video and mentions in it another blogger who needs promotion.

Any of the options will bring more profit if you use several accounts at once. For example, while one account will be used to advertise bloggers, the other will remain to promote products.

Traffic coverage

Earnings on traffic arbitrage in TikTok has established itself relatively recently. Previously, many experts bypassed the social network, thinking that too young and insolvent audience hangs out there. However, repeated studies have shown that the TikTok audience can bring in money, so affiliate marketers began experimenting with the social network with might and main.

Since the audience on TikTok is quite solvent, many verticals are suitable for work. Most often, webmasters use dating, gambling, betting and E-commerce. If we talk about specific products, then branded clothing, various electronics, vapes, cosmetics, health care products, etc. are great on TikTok.

Please note that it is possible to effectively pour from TikTok only if you work with your own account with a large audience. And best of all, if it is an acc network with live subscribers. This is where multi-accounting comes into play.

Preparatory work before arbitration

To use multi-accounting, first of all, you need to download an anti-detect browser, where these accounts will be logged in / created. Next, you need to find several high-quality proxies (depending on the number of accounts). Of course, you can use free ones, but for stable work it is better to buy them. Here are some reliable services:

• Proxy6;

• Proxiline;


After creating new accounts, you can begin to “warm up” them. This is necessary in order not to fly away immediately to the ban. For a few days it is better not to upload videos, but just to be active. Viewing someone else's content, likes, comments and other manipulations can help with this.

When the account is trusted by TikTok, then you can start uploading your own content and arbitrage traffic.

TikTok Arbitrage Methods

There are a lot of ways to drain traffic from a social network, but multi-accounting is not effective in all cases. Below we will talk about ways where interaction with several accounts will help you earn more.

Buying ads from bloggers

The essence is simple: the user buys integrations from well-known bloggers and engages in arbitration. There are several ways to send traffic to an offer:

1. Posting a link to any gasket in your profile. However, for starters, the blogger must mark your account in the description of the video.

2. Posting a link by a blogger to a landing page in his account.

Before buying advertising, you need to check the effectiveness of the integration. To do this, you need to study the blogger's audience, coverage, target audience activity, etc.

Setting up advertising in YAN

Another reliable option with which you can get great coverage. This is achieved due to the fact that advertising through YAN will be shown not only on TikTok, but also on all advertising platforms.

What is needed for this? Register in Yandex.Direct, connect the necessary accounts and set up the RK. In the process, you should think about original creatives and create an enticing description. Another important point is a direct link to the product, which must be present in the video.

Running ads in TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads is your own social network advertising manager that allows you to create and customize RK. The method is reliable and effective, as it provides a flexible system of settings and the ability to select types of advertising. TikTok Ads also has hashtags that allow you to increase engagement.

If you are going to arbitrage on TikTok using multiple accounts, then TikTik Ads is the best option. However, first make sure that the acc is normally warmed up and loaded with videos without copyright infringement.

How to start earning

First you need to download the antidetect browser. We will consider the sequence of actions using the Gologin example:

First of all, go to the official website and register an account. After the system will automatically download the installation file for your operating system.

Install antidetect browser. Log in using your username and password during registration. Before authorization, you will have to open your mailbox and verify your account by clicking on the link provided in the letter.

Next, you need to create a profile. To do this, click on the "New Profile" tab, specify a name, select a proxy and click on the "Create Profile" button. Please note that in the settings you can select free proxies from Gologin.

When you click on "Create Profile", a line with the created profile will appear in the working window. Next, you will need to create the required number of profiles. To do this, you need to check the box next to the name and several times (depending on how many accounts you need) click on "Clone".

When you need the number of profiles is ready, you can run them and get to work. This can be done by clicking on "Run profiles".

Once launched, the Gologin browser will open automatically. Log in to TikTok and get started.

Please note that you need to run "Run profiles" and log in to TikTok in each created profile. For example, if you created and launched 3 profiles, then you will see three different browser windows, each of which will work independently of each other.

Setting up an advertising company through Gologin

The most reliable way to arbitrage on TikTok is to use the TikTok Ads Manager. To get started with the service, you will have to register. For this you need:

7. Follow the link.

8. Enter your email address, create and repeat a password.

9. Click on the "Send code" button, then go to the mail, open the letter from TikTok Ads and copy the code to the appropriate registration line.

10. Click on the "Register" button.

When your personal account opens, you will be able to select the promotion goal. At the moment, the service offers several options:

• coverage – shows ads to the maximum number of users, thereby increasing product awareness;

• traffic – allows you to redirect a large number of users to the required offer;

• conversion - encourages the target audience to perform certain actions.

The choice of target depends on the features of the offer, but in most cases, affiliates choose "Traffic".

After choosing a goal, you need to decide on a budget. To do this, enter the name of the advertising campaign and indicate the amount. The budget, by the way, can be distributed by day or used without restrictions.

The next step is to specify the ad placement. In our case, this is TikTok. It is worth noting that the service allows you to choose exactly where the traffic will go. It can be a website page or an application installation. If you select a page, you will be able to select its address in the corresponding window.

Important! If you intend to arbitrate through TikTok Ads from multiple accounts, then all of the above actions will have to be carried out in the corresponding number of profiles in the Gologin browser.


In the current realities, when Russian users cannot upload content to TikTok and make money on arbitration or advertising, the anti-detect browser is an ideal solution. With this tool, you can not only bypass restrictions, but also work simultaneously from multiple accounts without fear of blocking.


Nov 6, 2022
great article, everything is clear and accessible, I use Gologin while in test mode, I really liked it, I will definitely buy a subscription


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