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Jan 2, 2014
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Why should you choose us?
1.We have a User friendly interface/panel.
2.Support 24/7 via email, Skype or AIM.
3.Advanced and detailed statistics by country clicks, EPC, etc;
4.We offer one on one help with niches advice,what files you should promote and where and how.
5.We're one the fewest networks who offers Promo earnings-every day 2% to 5% of your earnings if you can generate at least 25 downloads;
6.On our network you can see the top converting offers every day in the user interface and also you can receive a weekly email about the best converting offers for the past week;
7.We have contests with prizes such as objects and money every month.
8.Site has been changed 100% design functionality everything.
9.We paid more than 260000$ in almost one year.
10.Yes,it's correct-we are almost one year old.
11.Other PPDs vanish after some time and take your money together with that.We are here to stay and make everyone happy by paying on time,offering perfect support,great offer payouts and top notch tracking.
12.We have an option called Most Downloaded Files.This can help you see which files convert best and why.
13.User rank.All members start with normal user rank.But in time or according to each one's earnings,they can reach platin,bronze,gold or silver user rank,which leads to better payouts and earnings.
14.Offers.One of the most important things about a network.We work closely with 7 big advertisers-thus over 2000 offers with great payouts.
15.Insider user panel,every member can manage their files using files manager with options like move files to folder,create folder,rename folder,upload files and use them with mirrors.
16.Video locker-a great tool if you have video traffic of any kind you wish to monetize like youtube links or dailymotion or you name it.
17.Mirrors.Great landing pages with unique design and content.
18.You can rate your every day's performance with us so we can better understand your needs.
19.We can offer fast payment terms.Like with us,you could get to weekly payments in no more than one month or two.
20.Offer optimization.You can choose which offers convert best for you and which don't,thus delete them so that they won't show up on your widget/mirror/video locker/link locker/landing page.
21.Link locker.
22.The great possibility of seeing your live earnings in different currencies.Still,payments will all be made in USD.
23.Forum where you can get in touch with other members and exchange ideas,knowledge etc.
24.The possibility of setting up a fake number of download for your files,a good description,and a fake date:standard(the real done),automatic or fixed.This can improve a lot your earnings.
25.Widget systems.Which can be used for websites blogs etc.
26.A top 10 even top 50 and top 100 where you can hide both username and earnings.You can choose if you wish emails whenever you get paid or when you get a download(whenever you get a download you hear a nice sound together with a green flash text)
27.SSl certificate-your connection and all your private data/info are safe with us.

We're looking forward to working with you and make as many of you as rich as possible!

Starting today until the end of January,every new member will receive 20$ as a sign up bonus which he/she will available to use on the first cashout.To take benefit from this great bonus,you just need to generate 50 $ in order to reach the minimum cashout limit.Thus,you'll receive 70$ instead.And bonuses can be increased according to your earnings!

Check also for pictures of download pages and everything.WE changed the website 100% and added tons of new things!
We can provide daily and weekly payments for top earners and for everyone else!
All we need is good quality traffic!
hello Admin!
account from Vietnamêse accepted????
Khiếp thật
What is network do your site have ? Like as adwork , adscend or something else ?
Your account must be approved by one of our administrators!
Acc: nhatrang
thanks admin


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