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Mar 19, 2013
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Good day, Forum members, Friends!
I present an interesting low-interest project!

I am not the admin/creator of the project.

The topic is not a call for any action and was created for the purpose of familiarization.
Date of publication: 08/29/2022

View and Register!!!

About the Project!!!
( taken from the article about the project)
why don't you make your own startup and earn a couple thousand x on it, if you're so cool?
We are so cool not because we know how to make startups, but because in certain types of start-ups we have learned how to quickly find reproducible and scalable business models and build processes that lead to interest from professional investors. It is more profitable for us to sell the share to the founder and avoid future risks. The profit from each such transaction is not very high, but we control the risk, and several iterations per year give good overall profitability indicators.

All markets are falling now, the startup financing market has also shrunk.
It all depends on what stage you are at. For example, in the first six months of this year, the volume of sales of startups and initial public offerings of shares — the main ways to return money to investors — fell by 88%, to $ 49 billion, compared with a year ago (source).

And now look at the statistics on earlier stages of financing, for example here. Funding for seed rounds increased by 11% compared to last year. Against the background of the general downturn, our business is in a large and growing segment of the market. We are confident that as soon as all markets start to turn around, our segment will start to grow faster than others.

Why don't you use bank loans? They are much cheaper.
We use it, but within the available limits.

What are you raising money for?
Like any startup, we attract money for scaling. The attraction will consist of several stages, each of which will have maximum limits that we are ready to use. Over time, we may disclose information about the limits. Perhaps there will be additional plans for a specific startup project that we will conduct publicly.

My most favorite question

Are you paying interest at the expense of new investors?
Yes, that's how any business works. Early investors expect that their share in the company will increase significantly over time, and they will be able to sell this share to other investors who are aimed at making a profit from the company's activities in the future. As a rule, the presence of interest indicates the presence of risks and the higher the yield, the greater the risk. That is why some banks can give a yield of 8% per annum.

Despite falling markets and reduced funding, the trend for startups is growing. In certain circles, it has become no longer fashionable to talk about cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. Serious guys are measured by what companies they have invested in and how many x's they have raised on this. There are three things that people will never stop doing — eating, drinking and investing the money they earn.
Unfortunately, investments are the only way for many to increase the cost of their working hours.

Investment plans:
4% per week!

Minute-By-Minute Accruals.

Limit: $20- $1,000
Income: +104%
The Deposit Is Refunded
≈ 208% /year

20% per Month!

Minute-By-Minute Accruals.

Limit: 500$-5000$
Income: +240%
The Deposit Is Refunded
≈ 240% /year

Promo action
The plan will eventually be closed.
26.7% per Month!

Minute-By-Minute Accruals.

Limit: 10$-200$
Income: +80%
The Deposit Is included in the Accruals
Profit 80% / 90 days

Payment Systems!!!

Tron USDT.
The list of payment systems will be expanded over time.

Payout Schedule!!!


Minimum withdrawal!!!

$1 will be changed to $10 (no more than once every 24 hours.)

withdrawal fee is $0.

Referral program!!!!

At the moment, it is missing.
Will be added during the development of the project.

Language Versions!!!
Russian and English.

Soc. Networks and Support!!


Technical Specifications!!!

A unique, self-written Script.
CloudFlare, Inc. n

May 23, 2022 - May 23, 2023
Registered for 1 year
(150 paid hypes)
IP address (Netherlands / Amsterdam)
It was used in IS 39 / 3 projects .
NS Servers ,​
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New on the platform

We started translating the platform into other languages (the interface language can be selected through the profile)

Some edits on the layout of elements
Some notifications can now be hidden
We have connected a paid SSL certificate
Added an affiliate program with accruals from 2 to 100 percent of the investments of invited partners

Affiliate Program Annotation

Yes, we do offer to get up to 100% of your direct partners' investments.​

Accrual conditions:
  • The offer is limited to a total maximum investment amount and is time-limited until the end of October 2022.
  • You have active investments in our project. Their size determines the conditions for charging affiliate rewards. Investments at the PROMO rate cannot be credited for qualification in this program.
If you invest for half a year (tariff plan Pre-Seed), the same amount of refpoints are credited for each USDT. When investing for a year (Seed plan), you get 3 refpoints for every USDT. It's possible to have several investments. In this case, the refpoints are summed up.

Next, all percentages are relative to the investments of those who provided your business partner ID during registration.

If at the time of investment by your partners the total number of your refpoints will be from 20 to 9000, then you will be awarded 2% of all investments of partners. In the system, such a transaction will be marked as a Bonus and will be accrued to your balance as a one-time bonus immediately after confirmation of the partner's transaction. If the number of refpoints is from 9000 to 12000 the bonus will be 3%. If the amount of refpoints is 12000 and more the accrual will be 4%.

Example. You invested 1000 USDT for half a year at the Pre-Seed rate. For such an investment you were rewarded with 1000 refpoints. The user came by your recommendation and entered your business partner ID during registration. He invested 1000 USDT for any of the plans. You received a 20 USDT bonus from us.

In addition to a one-time Bonus, we pay the same amount (the same percentage) for a certain number of months, depending on your total number of refpoints. In the system, such transactions are marked as referral_accruals and in front of each such entry, you can see the accrual and the number of days left to the end of the accrual.
If at the time of investing by your partners the number of your refpoints will be 500 or more, then during the next month with per-minute accruals you will receive an additional 2%.

The same example. In this case, you have 1000 refpoints. So, in addition to a $20 bonus, which was credited immediately, you'll begin to receive accruals of another $20, but over the month. Thus, after a month you have already earned 4% of your partner.

Below we have a small table showing how the number of points corresponds to the total accrual:​


The Months column shows how many months of additional interest accruals from the related graph in the Bonus column will last.

As you can see from the table, if you have a sufficient level of confidence in our project and are ready to go for the highest rates of return, then you need to have at least an annual active plan of at least 5000 USDT. In this case, after paying off your contribution in a year (without active investments), you will continue to receive passive income from your partners' investments for another year, even if your partners have also already gone into cash.

Important note:​

When making investment decisions, always assess your risks. In this case, we do not act as financial advisors and do not give financial advice. And even though we created this project to diversify your investment portfolio, neither our approach nor our professionalism or experience should influence your decisions.
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Hello, dear partners and investors!

We are pleased to inform you about the successful negotiations with the founders of an interesting new project, which we will introduce to the market publicly. The founders of this startup are from the gambling industry and have practical knowledge in this field. Our team will help the founders to go through the hypothesis testing stage as quickly as possible, create the first version of the platform and attract investment for the MVP.

The gambling industry market is large, has a tremendous growth rate this year, and will only grow with legalization in the US and Asia. In addition, the founders already have existing businesses in this area. Against the competition, it's hard to move classic offerings. That is why they are entering the market with a revolutionary idea.

The essence of the startup is that the player is offered to receive his winnings gradually, rather than immediately, as is customary in a classic casino or bookmaker's office. This is where the phrase "investment platform" comes from. For such a compromise, the company is willing to reimburse all losing bets made through the platform. Compensation, as well as winnings, will be accrued in equal amounts every day for 1-5 years. We have just begun to study this direction, so the exact terms are unknown yet.

For this project, we will introduce it publicly. This means that each partner of our platform will be able to follow the development. Some of you will be able to access the closed beta testing.

And investors who make a new contribution before October 3, 2022, will have the opportunity to receive an additional bonus at the end of the next round of investment in this startup. The size of the bonus is not set at the moment and will depend on the success of our overall work.

For more details about the plans of this startup, see the project presentation:

Note: the founders, the team, and the list of advisors working on the project have not been finalized yet, so they are not included in the presentation.
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Dear partners!
In connection with the beginning of work on a new project, we have added temporary short investment plans. Soon, we will summarize the work done for a month, to be easier to navigate the structure of the information on our platform.
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2022-10-06 08:14:12
Results of September 2022
Hello, dear partners!
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to those investors who have started to open additional investments. For us, this means that the project has value.

What we have already managed to do in September 2022:
- Test several different advertising channels and eliminate channels that don't work for our project.
- Make several significant changes to the functionality of the platform based on feedback from our partners. Our team is one of the few who quickly adjusts to the dynamic changes around us.
- Add an affiliate program with long-term investment plans for opinion leaders and those who can count. We are ready to pay partners up to 100% of their investments within two years.
- Add a short-term investment program for those who need to have more control over their investments. Investors can take a break even faster compared to classic payouts.
- To get ahead of some things - to sign a contract with the founders of a promising project in a rapidly growing market in the gambling industry.

What are we going to do in the near future:
- Launch and test new directions of advertising channels. This will help us find the point of scaling and multiple growth for the project. The main directions are telegram advertising and AI advertising campaigns.
- Connect our payment gateway development. This will help us to reduce the cost of transactions, reduce the processing time of all payments and get the fastest withdrawal in the industry.
- Start developing a new user interface that will be easy to understand. This will help users better understand the principles of the platform and make investment decisions faster.
- Start supporting an English-language telegram channel for investing in startups. This will help us build new advertising campaigns and expand audience segments.
- Start developing an insurance fund on a smart contract. The purpose of the fund is to provide most of the investments of those who are just starting to invest in our project, and to give confidence in the correctness of the choice.

Now we are preparing a presentation of our project with a video presentation by one of the founders.​

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