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Dec 26, 2023
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Welcome to EasySwap.biz !

This is a multifunctional and secure exchange service that you can fully trust in working with money. Our main aspiration is to create the most comfortable and simple conditions for our customers in compliance with all security measures.

Our interface is designed in such a way that any user can easily exchange their cryptocurrencies or fiat money in a matter of minutes. The speed of our service is ensured by our professional team with years of experience in the industry. We take care of our customers and have a sufficient reserve of finances.
In addition, our service has good partnerships with many other projects, which allows us to further expand our capabilities and offer unique conditions for our customers.

Try it yourself - register on our website and exchange your funds with ease. We give 10 EST to each new user as a thank you. We are sure that ease, comfort and speed will become your friends when working with us.

You can read reviews about our work and write your review on the sites:

Sincerely, the EasySwap team!

Our contact information:
Our website: https://easyswap.biz/
Support Service-1: [email protected]
Support Service-2: [email protected]
On cooperation issues: [email protected]
Telegram support : https://t.me/Easy_Swap
EasyToken (EST) is an internal reward token from the EasySwap service. The cost of one token is (=) 1 dollar. This token is used to reward users for completing certain tasks, or it can be purchased from an exchange operation. The asset can be used as a discount in exchanges, or you can exchange the asset for other banknotes, electronic payment systems, a bank card or cryptocurrency. The token is also identified as an internal stablecoin and is used in the API system to reserve cash flow.

Regardless of how the token was credited, purchase or reward, EST is available for withdrawal in any direction of the service in the full volume of the account balance without restrictions, but according to the terms of the service to a specific direction.
If the token is used in the application as an additional discount, then EST can be deducted from the balance in the amount of 20% of the exchange amount for the application. Example: You exchange $1,000, you can debit 200 EST from your balance and pay $800 extra to the exchange.

For more information, follow the link: https://easyswap.biz/faq/easytoken-est.html
We have simplified these steps to set the selected directions. On our website, you can save not only your favorite currencies, but also destinations.
To do this, select the desired direction and click on the star of the selected pair (it should be colored). Now the "Directions" group with your directions has appeared in the selection of directions.

Dear users. We hasten to inform you that it is time for the end of the promotion with the accrual of 10 EST for registration. But we decided not to close the promotion, but to reduce the remuneration.
We leave a nice bonus for registering on the site in the form of 2 EST. Do not miss the opportunity to receive our token and use it for a profitable exchange.
What is EST can be found here-->
I used this exchanger for exchange cryptocurrency to bank card and it is working really good. Quick exchange for a good rate, thank you for the work.
Important information!
Now we have a new Base network for ETH, USDC, WETH and DAI tokens. Please note that when creating an application, you must select the correct network. Our support is available around the clock, so do not hesitate to ask for help.
We wish you a pleasant exchange!


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The Ronin network has been added to the site.
The following assets are available for exchange: Ronin, Axie Infinity, WETH, USDC.
Successful exchanges!


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