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Jul 12, 2017
The link :

How does it work?

PointsPrizes is a site that allows you to earn money by completing offers such as email submits, site registrations, surveys and downloads.

Every time you complete an offer successfully, you'll earn some points. These points add up in your account and can be used to claim prizes such as free gift codes or a direct cash payment via PayPal or Bitcoin!

To get started, visit the website and submit your email to create an account. It takes seconds to get going and there's no need to create a password.

How many offers do you have?

We have thousands of offers....and hundreds of thousands of points ready to be claimed....

If you live in a more affluent country such as the United States, Western Europe or some parts of Asia and the Middle East you will see lots of offers and, given a little persistence, you should be able to earn enough points to claim a prize fairly quickly.

However, if you live elsewhere you'll most likely see less offers available. In this case we highly recommend using our referral program to earn points by recruiting new members.

How does your referral program work?

Our referral program pays you the equivalent of 10% of any points earned by users you refer to PointsPrizes!

By sharing our referral links in online communities, social media and forums you'll be able to earn enough points to claim prizes - regardless of which country you live in!

To get started go to the left sidebar of your account and open the "Referral Links" tab. You'll see that you can create referral links that send traffic to our various niche-targeted landing pages.

Our most important advice when promoting the referral program is to TARGET the right audience and niche. Do not spam links everywhere. Instead share links in places where there are people that will actually be interested in the niche you are promoting.

How will I receive my prize?

Once you have enough points, go to the left sidebar of your account and open the "Claim Prizes" tabs. You will see a wide range of gift cards code and direct prize options ready for you to claim!

Prize delivery works as follows:

  • Direct Payment (PayPal, Bitcoin) - 30 day wait time before we send payment.
  • Gift Cards - 7 day wait time. We send valid gift codes to your email.
Wait times are designed to prevent fraud. Gift codes are only valid in the United States, so if you live outside the US you should select a direct payment method.

Established, trusted accounts with a good history usually receive priority payment earlier than the times listed above.

What are chargebacks?

We ask to users complete offers using 100% accurate information.

So if you're asked to submit your email, for example, you should use your real email address. If you use false information it is highly unlikely that you will receive points. You'd be surprised at how good we are at detecting false information and other forms of fraud.

However, should you manage to receive points using false information, it's still possible you will be caught. An advertiser can issue a manual chargeback at any time and the points will be instantly deducted from your account.

Basically, just be honest and you'll be fine - chargebacks are rare.

Why do offers not always give points?

We depend on advertisers to tell us when you've completed an offer successfully. Sometimes the advertiser decides that they are not happy with the information you provided. Nevertheless, you may receive some bonus points just for attempting to complete an offer!

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cái này nghe nói là scam nhưng vào trang web của nó thấy rất nhiều member đang làm.Thât sự là thế nào? Ai có proof mới nhất ko cho xem thử
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