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May 9, 2022
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Xin chào các anh em, :popo_smile:

Chắc hẳn các anh em đã từng tắm máu trong thị trường crypto :popo_extreme_sexy_girl: , cả người mới lần người cũ. Những giọt nước mắt khi sáng xanh chiều đỏ, nước mắt rơi ướt gối mỗi đêm.

Làm sao để kiếm tiền mà không phải bỏ tiền, không làm mà đòi có ăn thì đúng là chỉ có ăn theo thầy Huấn. Còn làm ít mà ăn nhiều thì các anh em hãy theo dõi Topic của Airdropdaily - D5 Crypto nơi chúng mình sẽ chia sẽ các kèo Airdrop miễn phí hàng ngày, cho anh em có thời gian chơi chỉ 5 phút 1 kèo là có khả năng nhận thưởng miễn phí.

Cách nhận thưởng của Airdrop thì cũng giống như anh em chơi xổ số, mà không mất tiền mua vé số, chỉ mất công 2-5 phút anh em ngồi ấn chuột, hoàn thành các bước mà Airdrop yêu cầu để được điểm entry. Việc nhẹ lương cao, phần thường hấp dẫn.

Chúng mình sẽ liên tục cập nhật hàng ngày chi tiết về thông tin của các dự án Airdrop tiềm năng tại topic này mong anh em sẽ ủng hộ và theo dõi D5 Crypto. Các dự án trên trang của mình đã được các anh em audit để phòng tránh anh em bị dính kèo scam, lừa đảo hack ví, hoặc mất thời gian làm mà không được gì.

Và lưu ý là Airdrop chơi thì hoàn toàn miễn phí , chỉ phải ấn chuột theo dõi làm các bước theo yêu cầu chứ kèo nào mà kêu bỏ tiền hay phải chia sẻ secret keys thì cháac chắn khả năng cao là scam, lừa đảo.

Anh em có câu hỏi gì cứ inbox mình hoặc tham gia nhóm Telegram VN nhé:
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Airdrop # 1

Libra Finance gleam campaign 9000 $LIBRA for all users
Libra Finance, home to the first algorithmic token pegged to $ASTR on the Astar Network.
The protocol's underlying mechanisms are designed in a way to ensure a peg of LIBRA:ASTR is achieved, and once achieved, it is maintained to establish $LIBRA as a mirrored, liquid asset to $ASTR. Protocol accomplishes this by introducing unique economic and game-theory centric dynamics into the market through its three tokens.

Token Name: $LIBRA
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date:25-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 9000 $LIBRA for all users
🎉 Winner: Share for all users and the top 100 people with the most referrals will get an
extra 5 $LIBRA bonus

Link Airdrop
Airdrop #2


CareerCoin is the first “human-centric”, blockchain platform that enables users to earn through learning new competencies, finding new jobs, following a lesson, or working as a freelance in the Information Technology Market.

Project Name: Career Coin
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 29-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $ 1,000 BUSD
🎁 Prize: Random winners will be drawn
🎉 Winner: Random

Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 3

Eizperchain is a blockchain action multiplayer role-playing game produced and published by Eizper, powered by Sangnila. It is the first game in the Eizper gaming franchise.
Token Name: $EIZ
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 15-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 5,000 USD worth of $EIZ Token
🎁 Prize: 250 random winners ( $16 each)
🎉 Winner: 250

Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 4


Jakaverse lets users curate their own desired world, enabling users to own and
earn from land parcels (JAKA) and NFTs with the system that hands over full power
to users, so they can have complete control over their content creation. Jakaverse
also aims to establish a network that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.

Token Name: $JK
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 24-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 3000 $JK
🎁 Prize:
🏆25 JK for Top 10 referral
🏆10 JK for 275 random winners
🎉 Winner: 285

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 5


Emoves is a workout Move To Earn NFTs game. EMOVES allows users to combine training and earning. The more EMOVES you burn, the more income you get.

Project Name: Emoves
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 09-06-2022
📈 Total Pool:500 NFT Boxes
🎁 Prize: 🏆 500 Boxes to 500 random winners
🎉 Winner:500

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 6

Brawl Tales is a roguelike game based on Blockchain technology. You can battle with your friends or strangers and earn token rewards with your skillsets. Brawl Tales’ gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and decision. Challenge yourself with various game modes: PEP, following with monthly updates, and attractive rewards.
Token Name: Brawl Tales
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 20-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 30,000 $BRS
🎁 Prize:
🏆 1~ 100 150$BRS
🏆 101 ~ 400 50$BRS
🎉 Winner: 400

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop #7


Swift Shootout Airdrop $5,000 worth of $SHOOT

Swift Shootout is a play-to-earn battle royale game that will be available on Android & iOS devices. Swift Shootout is one of the first blockchain-based battle royale shooter games that enables millions of gaming enthusiasts to play and earn at the same time.

Rate ⭐⭐⭐

📅 End Date:03-06-2022

📈 Total Pool:$5,000 worth of $SHOOT tokens

🎁 Prize:

🏆$2,500 for 50 lucky winners $50 each

🏆 $1,500 split top 25 $60 each

🏆 $1,000 split top 26-50 $40 each

🎉 Winner: 100

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop #8


Dark Earth giveaway prizes $10,000

Dark Earth is a gaming ecosystem aimed at all gamers in general, whether they are knowledgeable about and users of other applications on the blockchain or not. The main priority within the Dark Earth metaverse is that any player can play without having any knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain, or any other aspect related with technology. That’s why our target market is the millions of players on both mobile devices and PCs around the world.

Rate ⭐⭐
📅 End Date:29-05-2022
📈 Total Pool:$10,000 estimated value
🎉 Winner: 250

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop #9


FOTA Airdrop Event Over $1000 Worth Of FOTA Tokens

FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project owned by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD and based in SINGAPORE, with a fantasy universe inhabited by many races throughout the universe

Token Name:$FOTA
Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date:12-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: Over $1000 Worth Of FOTA Tokens
🎉 Winner: 100 + 3 TOP Shiller

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 10



PROPAD is a decentralized platform for fundraising and launching IDO projects in the metaverse ecosystem.

Token Name:$ PROPAD
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date:30-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $50,000 USD in $PROPAD TOKEN
🎉 Winner: 5000 Random + Top 10 Refer

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop #11


Web3Graph Airdrop 55,500 $W3G

As an Open Graph protocol for the Web 3.0 era,Web3Graph is focused on providing graph information to Web 3.0 natives, providing Web 3.0 developers with a fast and accurate way to exchange and present information and data for Web 3.0 applications .Based on smart contract and a powerful off-chain event engine,Web3Graph is able to provide event-driven Open Graphs for developers and decentralized applications.

Token Name:$ W3G
Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date:20-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 55,500 $W3G
🎉 Winner: 500

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 12

My Meta Farm is an open-world farming 3D NFT game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players not only can create their own world by themselves and have the opportunity to play many exciting minigames.
Token Name:$KCS
Rate ⭐⭐
📅 End Date:11-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 5000 KCS + 1000 NFTs
🎉 Winner: Complete all tasks for a chance to win

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 14
Airdrop # 14


Edverse is the world’s largest immersive, interactive, and insightful education metaverse ever. The macro-goal of decentralized and democratized education is right around the corner.

Token Name: $EDV
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 10-06-2022
📈 Total Pool: 10,000 $EDV
🎁 Prize:🏆 200 random lucky winners receive 50 $EDV
🎉 Winner: 200

🎁 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 15
Airdrop # 15

Catfee Club is a club with special privileges only available to members who own at least one NFT in the collection. The more the Catfee ecosystem expands, the more benefits are for Catfee Club members. Owning at least one NFT in the NFT Catfee collection is your chance to join the Catfee Club.

Project Name: Catfee Club
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 23-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $6,000 whitelist spot
🎁 Prize:
🏆 The top 300 highest scores will get WL spots
🏆 120 people will randomly receive a total of $6000
🎉 Winner: 420

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 16

Matry empowers the NFT 2.0 + Metaverse economy and unlocks the true value of next-gen NFTs – building cross-chain, user-pooled deep liquidity via collateralized NFT Staking of price-pegged mTokens (such as mBTC, mETH and mSOL).
Token Name: $MATRY
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 17-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $3,000 worth of $MATRY
🎁 Prize: 30 winners split rewards
🎉 Winner: 30

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop # 17

Metars will be used to stimulate economic, social growth, explore new worlds, level up and participate in NFT markets.
Token Name: $METARS
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date: 18-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: 15,000 $METARS
🎁 Prize:
🏆 200 random
🏆 300 Top Referrals
🎉 Winner: 500

📚 Link Airdrop
Airdrop #19



PROPAD is a decentralized platform for fundraising and launching IDO projects in the metaverse ecosystem.

Token Name:$ PROPAD
Rate ⭐⭐⭐
📅 End Date:30-05-2022
📈 Total Pool: $50,000 USD in $PROPAD TOKEN
🎉 Winner: 5000 Random + Top 10 Refer

📚 Link Airdrop


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