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Feb 3, 2019
Hello Mmo4me Forum.We are happy to introduce to you our network:CharmingAds(

We launched it a few days ago and we are searching for publishers to work with for long time tẻrms!

The days of searching for a real and authentic affiliate program are over because we have exactly what you need. Here at CharmingAds, you can rest assured that we got you covered. Our offer includes a large variety of different bundles all working on a single platform. We include services for Cam sites, Dating sites, VOD, different types of surveys, products related to health, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Our massive clickbase will be able to boost your website in no time. We guarantee that the sky is the limit if you choose our high-paying affiliate programs.

All of our offers and services are easily accessible through our user-friendly platform. You can find hundreds of offers on our network and the number is increasing by the day. When you decide on what program you want, our team will put it through rigorous testing before you can use it on the platform. We make sure that you get the most out of every choice you make.



What will you get if you join us:

It's easy - if you want to get the most out of your traffic, you need to sign up with our network today. We have all the top offers and we guarantee that you'll get the edge over your competition. So, don't waste any more time. Join us and start earning money right away!

You can find the biggest offer for Online Video Games right here at our website at any time you want. All of the games are browser and html5 based, and they are very popular. Our affiliates are often amazed by the numbers they got by joining our promotional campaign. We offer high PPS payouts, plus we'll include all the creatives and provide support, making sure that your campaign is successful. Join our website and start making serious cash today.


Mobile traffic is so strong nowadays,so that we adapted to it.All ò our offers are mobile responsive.This leads to the fact that you don’t waste clicks and leads coming from mobile devices.

Statistics in real time:

Real stats is what you you get to see anytime you log in into your membership account.This allows us to have thíng things easier for you and for us to keep good records for leads,clicks and sales.Also,this is how we can make your EPC and CR get higher in order that you can earn more from your traffic.


Become a proud member of one of the biggest and most trusted affiliate networks of today. Join us today and make the money that's entitled to you.


Payments are the most important part of any business and unlike many other affiliate networks or agencies, we make sure ours are on time, every time! We make sure that our payments are consistent so you'll always know when the money is coming.Payments go out by wire transfer,payoneer,check and skrill.


Super Friendly Dáshboard:

API settings and Global Postback settíngs so you can you have our offers đistribute to your users in case you own a Pay per download website,or pay per install or GPT(get paid to website) ,or a blog or a forum or just a website:


Referral rate is 6% so this is a gôod chance to earn by referring or invited family,friends,neighbours or acquaintances to our network!

First 5000 affiliates are on autoapproval!

First 2000 afililiates that start sending traffic to our offers and like us on facebook and twitter,receive a 10$ sign up bonus:
Sign up link:

In case you need help,you can find us on skype too:

Skype id: [email protected]
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lại topads 2 ah :D , scam tháng 11 xong giờ làm site khác ah vc thật
Thêre is no scam sir.We ảre a new network than TopAdsmedia!We didnt get paid thêre for november so we didnt pay anyone!We always paid since 2015 july everytime we got paid!So please stop writing liés.I can send you reports and everything you nêed to see we're telling the truth.
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