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Aug 23, 2018

Welcome to Menzy

is introducing a unique Move2Earn body movement count system for earning passive income in the form of MNZ Tokens. A lot of current Move2earn systems are step counts only but with Menzy we have developed a unique algorithmic system that detects any sort of activity or sport happening with the help of your mobile camera or a camera enabled device. Our system visually detects the activity being performed. Furthermore our software has the ability to identify the pose of an individual and the Menzy platform rewards the user for performing successful movements.

The pandemic and post time has led to a decrease of an active lifestyle. Working from home has become increasingly prevalent. To help people keep an active lifestyle with minimal effort and incentivise people with movement we have envisaged Menzy. All that Menzy needs is a camera device or gps-device such as your phone. The Menzy platform and algorithms then enable a seamless experience for an individual to earn while being active.

Menzy is a complete ecosystem where the Menzy (MNZ) Tokens which will have utilities such as staking, payments,transfers and base swaps, collateral for BNPL. An individual can use their MNZ Tokens for many more features and activities within the real world and the metaverse both. These are stored in the Menzy wallet post earning MNZ from different activities. This Menzy wallet app that uses 3D Facial Nodal 3 points that convert to your password hash. In other words, all blockchain assets stored on Menzy’s software wallet app are secured and only accessible through facial biometric verification of holders.

The Menzy step mechanism enables individuals to earn passively by steps through just holding Menzy’s unique NFTs. Each Menzy NFTs have their own unique features and functionalities in the Move2Earn arena where all Menzy holders will be able to compete with their fellow menzians in outdoor sports and physical activities such as running, squats, skipping, boxing, and so on. Not only that Menzians can compete with their fellow competitors in real world sports and physical athletes but can also avail Peer to Peer Virtual Training Consultation and connect with different crossfit qualified trainers from across the globe for training routines and plans.

What is Menzy’s Move2earn?

Move2Earn is Menzy’s
unique body movement count system which allows users to earn a passive income in the form of MNZ Tokens. The existing Move2Earn algorithms available in the market right now only offer step-counts, however Menzy has developed a unique AI Based system that recognizes all sorts of movement or sport being conducted; all through the help of your mobile phone camera.

The Menzy Move2Earn has the ability to visually detect and catalog the action being performed. The software is also capable of identifying different poses or styles of a workout and sport which could directly increase the users’ rewards based on their pace, time and speed.

Menzy aims to be a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem. Using MNZ Tokens, users will enjoy all expected facilities like staking, being able to make payments, transfers, along with base swaps and collateral for BNPL. MNZ Tokens will have full utility and allow for many features and activities within both the real world and the metaverse. All the MNZ Tokens earned from multiple activities are stored in dedicated Menzy wallets. This Menzy wallet app incorporates 3D Facial Nodal points that convert your Facial Profile into your password. Simply, all your cryptocurrency assets stored within Menzy’s sofrware wallet app are safe, secure and can only be accessed through your facial biometric recognition.

The Menzy step mechanism allows individuals to have a passive earning simply through taking steps while holding Menzy’s unique NFTs. Each Menzy NFTs has its own unique feature and functional in terms of the Move2Earn system, where all Menzy holders have the ability to hold competitions with one another in a multiple array of sports and games. These include running, squats, skipping, boxing and much more. That’s not all; Menzian’s can also compete with their fellow competitors in real world sports allowing physical athletes to avail Peer to Peer Virtual Training, consultation and connections with different Cross-Fit qualified trainers from across the globe for an unapparelled training experience.


Jun 9, 2022
We are proud to welcome
@danglazer2, the captain of Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, as our new application representative.

Dan will be teaching his moves and showcasing his skills in the app.

Get ready to learn & compete!

#MoveToEarn #Menzy


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