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Aug 23, 2018




Energy it's fundamental source of live, this is base source which feed our body human and is source our movie and live.Sun - its source of energy all around, making energy of live. Plants making energy by photosynthesis. What is human body energy source and what is making energy? how much and volume? Human body is energy station possible recycle power to energy name by ATP on the decentralized network by FITONIKA


10000000 active users. 5,000 companies and a huge market built on a digital autonomous decentralized platform covering over 10,000 billion in turnover (see statistics) with opportunities for growth and development in the global economy and the crypto industria

Blockchain Data is in Our DNA activities


FYM - Third-generation blockchain platform based by proof-of-stake and proof-of-work and working by FPC cryptocurrency with different Various
Platform functionality included offers for decentralized manufacturing marketplace, stake pool operation, transaction metadata, native tokens,
service and payment and more..
Platform is a tracker-protocol unifying fitness community, provides a sandboxed environment for continuing progress activities target industry,
harnessing the power of community to mining fitness tokens and transformations in FPC coins used
to improve specific industry as mutual settlements



Benefit from big data fitness activities insights and automations without handing 3 side over your data or your customer's - fitness community
a unique consensus algorithm based on key industry features, the security of which can be proven using first and the one of a kind mathematics of computing unique heart data during active exercise providing super high security level.
Working this way to help as many participants as possible interact for specific targeted interests. It can also be used as a more general platform
for any kind of paid community that can clearly define the sides of the desired interaction or in the market for the sale of services and goods in the sports industry


Our platform will allow the creation of custom associations. These associations are activity pools, both single and group associations, for the production of fitcoins. After joining the platform, the user will be asked to provide personal data. This data is encrypted and will be used for the user profile as one part of the phytonics network key in order to grant the user a share of the union.

Fitonika - Solutions for Take Payments fitness Everywhere powered by Autonomous blockchain, and artificial intelligence Solutions-platform using ATP token can be used to payment gateway from power applications in decentralized finance transaction supply chain trade making and business smart contract.
ATP this is unit of energy particles of energy produced in the process of human life, converted into a settlement unit

Ecosystems to any stake pool operator, fitness users or commercial partner who can to join in to building the Autonomous Economic can be used to transform existing and systems creating new reducing challenges associated with conventional, centralized mediating processes in industry sports and fitness where possible get Profit From Your FITNESS LIVE.
Mining ATP energy points, becomes possible in process you train daily routine or fitness actifities by means of a uniq key of you activities and data HR - you create new blocks. Connection to pool and when your level activities during of moment time have achieve of a certain level consensus protocol
and when you starting produce new ATP points which that shape the awards for Fitcoins. ATP shares will by compound in the block and createing Fitness Power Coin Energy - FPC - Cryptcurency only Fitness Community with Infrastructure for business favors service and more possible
Registered gadjet and smartphone application signede special key based on the your uniqe HR data give a chance everybody people become of bricks decentralized protocol consensus have and thanks to only uniq self HR data activities which will be block in the chain by Fitonika network

How it works


Thanks to the use of the Fitoniks function, which identifies and extrapolates the levels and indicators of the activity of users of the decentralized space in the equivalent of ATP tokens, it is possible to create associations, and each association on the platform will earn a certain share of the Fitcoin. Certain users will be included in the phytonics pool through secret keys and will be identified only based on the unique parameters of their activity and a unique indicator of heart rate levels from their fitness tracker, which is individual and unique to every person on the planet. Thus, the functions of the Fitmarket will create the polarity of the fitness industry market - the corresponding services according to the extrapolation of data from pull consumers and the proposal of the sports industry market by representatives of pull trading companies, managers, and advertising agents.

Tools and infrastructure Fitonika openning wide poosible to enable a decentralized digital economy for fitness industrial, artificial intelligence lab, is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, that enables secure sharing, connection and transactions based on any data globally used fitness application On this network, a series of software AI agents analysis data received blockchain ecosystem and direct act on behalf of their owners. autonomous agents using big data consul energy points change to Fitcoin and provide an optimized service across a variety of ecommerce ecosystems, to the benefit of both suppliers and consumers of service fitness industry. This allows without intermediaries solve hard target all-in any task


The Fitonika Network & the FYM


Fitmarket will implement an external interface using information from big data that will allow Fitonika users to search for profitable associations in various fields, combined with different interests in sports activities. Users can get what they want; only relevant offers for consumers will save market suppliers millions of dollars spent on finding the target audience. In the flow work, they will be delegated and provided with ungrouped lists of associations and target communities in the field of marketing.



Users of pools will pay a certain fee to connect to associations, The number of consumers will not be limited to the number of participants in associations. Members of the association will be able to communicate using private channels, reminiscent of Slack's interface, trade, as well as invent and connect their applications Any user will also be able to become the owner of the association and receive dividends from the production of the Fitcoin received for the activity of its members.


Fitcoin Road Map


Fitcoin Team



Find more information about our platform and project in the ICO website:

Fitcoin PRE-ICO will take place in the 28 of Jan 13:00 GMT 2023 and last for 28 feb 30 Days


We believe our first and early supporters should be rewarded for their support
With that notion in mind, we decided on the twinly rewards - Its One-time direct rewards for you subscribers or any buyer, which will dependence on Audit score any social (respectively)platfor - Facebook, Twitter, Instagramm or any other. and procentage of your refferal link
For further details (terms and bonuses) please read our rules paper page - Bounty Page: https://powerfitcoin.com/bounty/

We always open for new partners and we also looking for bounty managers campaing our offer box is open for cooperation. We glad wait your suggest via - email [email protected]


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