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Aug 23, 2018

Digital Files Marketplace (DIFI) fully decentralized platform that works with Metamask and on the Binance Smart Chain. DIFI is a utility token that is used in Dapps as a payment system. It allows anyone to quickly and easily sell their files, of all types, and they are paid with DIFI, which is the token connected to this app. DIFI is a 100% decentralized electronic document trading platform, where you can sell videos, codes, audios, games, databases using $DIFI tokens for transactions.

1) Digital Files Market, a market for files of all kinds, and DIFI is used to pay for the files before you can download them.
2) NFT Market, Create, Buy, Sell and Promote NFTs.


☄☄ BSC Contract – 0xC184be44278AaDac98309cB60612Ce20b7e02Ab5

☄☄ Max/Total Supply – 10,000,000 DIFI, and asset pipeline for blockchains.

☄☄ Tax – Buy: 0%, Transfer: 0%, Sell: 2%

☄☄ AuditClick Here

☄☄ Whitepaper Click Here


➣➣ Pinksale- Click Here

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➣➣ DexScreener- Click Here

Create, sell and collect digital NFTs. Introducing DIFI NFT, the fully functioning template to create your own decentralized NFT ecosystem. This is the easiest way to get in on the next wave of innovation


How it works
Feel free to sign up and dive in if you want to get into the nuance of minting, buying, or selling NFTs.

Connect your wallet
MetaMask is an easy-to-use browser extension that allows you to interface with Ethereum applications like Elysium.

Mint & Buy and Sell NFTs
NFTs can represent anything from art to music to collectibles and more. NFTs allow you to own digital items in the same way that you would own physical items, like trading cards or stamps.

Purchase & Transfer
When buyers purchase the NFT token, it gets automatically transferred to them by the marketplace.

Who are we?
We are a team of Web3 developers, who are implementing what will be the future of the internet, blockchain and decentralization. This project allows each user to securely sell their files, directly from their PC or smartphone, and without third parties.

Functions of the DIFI Market?
On the DIFI market you can:

Sell your files, programs and any type of digital file.
Purchasing other users Files.
Leave Feedback after a purchase.
Withdraw your DIFI Of sales.

What wallets are supported?
At the moment, you can use MetaMask wallet. For mobile version open website directly on Metamask Dapp Browser, or use Browser with metamask extension.

What are the commissions?
Fees – 3% on each Sale.

A 3% tax is applied to each file sold, the system uses the blockchain and IPFS, and the 3% tax on each sale allows us to keep the system up and running perfectly.

Upload Limits?
The maximum upload limit for each file is about 100MB

There are no limits to the number of files a user can upload and sell.

What do I buy the Files with?
The files can be purchased using the DIFI Token, even a few BNB are needed to manage the transactions as it is the native currency.

Can I change the price of a File?
At the moment it is not possible to change the price of a file, do the calculations correctly based on the price of the DIFI when you sell a file.


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