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Aug 23, 2018

DiFi.Market Launches Web3 Digital Products Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

(April 6, 2023) – DiFi
has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind Web3 marketplace for buying and selling digital files and products. The DiFi.Market platform is powered over the Binance Smart Chain and uses the native token, DiFi, allowing for instant payments. The launch of DiFi is an important stage, which offers a totally decentralized and secure platform with IPFS storage for anyone to trade digital files faster and with total security.

Consumers of digital products are an ever-growing market, but so far, centralized and conventional platforms have limited its scope. Popular digital file buying and selling services like the Envato Market, Sellfy or Shopify leave much to be desired, what with the coming of the blockchain revolution. What producers and consumers need today is a place where they could easily upload files, with no worries of hacking or scams, and where they can quickly browse and pay for the files with instant download.

DiFi is the first decentralized, IPFS-based digital file marketplace. Here, anyone can sell their videos, codes, music albums, photo collections, games or databases in a highly secured and protected environment. The DiFi token has a maximum supply 10 million.

“We are pleased to launch the DiFi Market, where you can sell your files in seconds, with no signups, or risks of hacking. It was never so fast and easy to buy or sell digital products. Try DiFi and the ease and speed will amaze you!” said a spokesperson for DiFi.

How to use DiFi file trading marketplace

DiFi allows anyone to buy and sell files using the DiFi token. The easily available MetaMask wallet can be used to connect on a desktop, or the site can be browsed using MetaMask’s Dapp browser. The platform lists the Top Trending files and products, and categorizes them for easy browsing. The user can select, pay and download the files they want from their PC, phone or other devices. All files are stored in the decentralized IPFS storage service. There is also a feedback and comment option for buyer-seller interactions, and the DiFi tokens can be withdrawn anytime.

DiFi is a game changer in many ways. “The users here are safer, and they know that as soon as they have paid for a file, they receive it. Whoever sells files receives payment immediately upon sale, without waiting. The security is at a new level,” said the spokesperson.

Among the security and protection measures at DiFi are: anti DDoS protection, no bots, no data storage on any central server, firewalls, 2FA and SSL security. Anti-virus protection makes files and live transactions secure. The entire DiFi platform has also been audited by a third party.

“In the age of internet and blockchains, a service where users can sell their programs, media, utilities or just about any kind of files in a secure and decentralized way is something that had to happen. That's why we decided to create this totally decentralized application,” said the spokesperson.

Currently, DiFi allows uploads in a wide range of categories, such as education materials. E-books, graphic designs, anti-virus and security products, databases, multimedia files, software utilities, and games. The maximum upload size is sufficient at 100MB for most products, and the best thing is that there are no limits to the number of files that users can upload and sell. A small fee of 3% is levied on file sales to keep the service operational.

DiFi is run by a team of Web3 developers, who envision creating the future of the internet and everyone is welcome to connect and trade their digital products.

For more information, please visit: https://difi.market/
Telegram: https://t.me/difitoken
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/difimarket/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/difimarket


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