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Apr 4, 2021
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Registration - https://all-ads.trade/

Project marketing:
- Commodity business-Average ROI per month 37%
- Traffic arbitrage-Average ROI per month 41%

Payouts: Manual
Start: 04/02/2022
Min. Deposit: 100 USD
Min. Payout: 150 USD
Ref. program: 7%
Our investment: 100 USD
Refback: 100%. You can order here - Заказ рефбека по проекту All Ads Trade
Payment systems: BTC, USDT TRC20

About the project:
The platform contains ready-made solutions for commodity business and traffic arbitrage. The user is partly acting as an investor, all processes are carried out on our part.
Our tasks include large wholesale purchases (at the lowest prices) of relevant goods from different categories, their supply to the Russian Federation, as well as other neighboring countries, distribution of these goods to sales channels: online stores, warehouses for further distribution, as well as in the CPA network , sometimes manages to promote to physical stores.
In traffic arbitrage, it’s even simpler, the user’s budget goes to advertising, namely, to pay for facebook & google ads services for impressions, conversion actions. We find offers (offers) on the same CPA networks. Creatives for advertising, one-page sites, i.e. landings - we do, all narrowly targeted settings for bypassing blocking are also made by us.
Ready-made solutions describe the profitability in the percentage range for each category in the commodity business, as well as for verticals in traffic arbitrage. The final percentage of income cannot be less or more than the range specified for the user.
There are many courses on commodity business, traffic arbitrage, but they are not effective, and the entry threshold is quite high and requires time and attention. We offer a "pill", according to which everything is simple.
The user is provided with full reporting: what products or offers were selected, how many sales, leads by day when wholesale deliveries were completed, the setting for advertising in arbitration was completed.

Registration - https://all-ads.trade/

My deposit is 100 USD:


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