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    Hello everyone,

    I need some help.The situation is:
    already tried several cc, vcc, even my own card, creation of accounts ok, more later, when trying to create a campaign my account is suspended

    1.My account has been suspended.
    2.I used Teamviewr to connect to my friend's computer to create an new account.
    3.The account used his old gmail, his creditcard, his billing address, his phone number.
    4.I use the Weebly to create a new website.The domain was offered by Weebly, too.
    5.This website was a whole new one.
    can distinguish that is a different
    My friend got a mail, "Your AdWords account is suspended - Your account violated the Circumventing systems policy ..."
    Shold I avoid any behavior I never in my mind before?

    I appreciate your consideration very much.

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