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Mar 30, 2014

bác tải giúp em 2 link này nhé, em cảm ơn :popo_adore:

Hey VIP friends. This year, I am going to share one more method that will really help you to earn a decent amount of money without much work or may be some work.

If you have read my other threads, then you may know that I am a big fan of Recurring and Passive Income. I always try to build multiple income sources but I make sure that I do not have to be present actively to grow that business.

Let's see this great alternative to Shopify for our dropshippers here using Etsy

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Ain't nothing new, as I mentioned before, but there's a specific way to do things since Etsy isn't very fond of people dropshipping on their website.

For starters, you'll need to pick a niche. I'd reccommend women's clothing, anime and TV shows(be careful with copyright infringement) and jewelry. If you want more detailed statistics of your own website or simply the trends, you can purchase a subscription on - $5.99/mo

You first step is probably the most crucial one. This is an issue I ran into multiple times. When you first create a store and upload your first products, it'll take about a week or so for you to be verified. Now, there isn't any DIRECT indication of verification, but I know it exists. Etsy moderators review your store. If they see you dropshipping products from aliexpress, they'll ban you. Simple as that. There is, however, one way around it. Integrate Printful into your store. Act as if you're going to sell POD shirts or whatever. This is *semi* allowed, so be careful about the niches you pick. Nonetheless, these shirts most likely won't generate a sale for you, since there's literally thousands of POD stores on Etsy. Nonetheless, a very crucial step to not get yourself banned instantly. Once the supposed verification process passes, you can add the aliexpress products.

Next, once you've made your store, you have your products, here are some little tips to optimise everything for as many sales as possible:
1) Make 25% discounts on everything. Advertise a 25% storewide sale. This means, take the price you want to sell something at ($19.99), divide it by 3 and multiply it by 4. That way you get the price you need to set your product at before the sale. Under marketing, sales and coupons, make the sale and apply it to all your products.

2) Keep your stock low. You have the ability to change the quantity of your items. If you keep it at 3-5, it'll say in red letters under the listing: "Only X left and Y people have it in their carts". Just a good lil motivator for people to buy the product. Make sure you edit the quantity every once in a while so your listing doesnt end, otherwise you need to pay to renew it.

3) Fake accounts and reviews. This is an important one. A friend of mine got banned in this way. Let the verification process pass (around a week or so) and then create 2 fake accounts and buy the items from yourself. This way you can write reviews for yourself and also increase the number of sales you have - alot easier to convince people to buy something from you if you have 2 sales rather than 0. Also, from these fake accounts, add all your items in to the fake account carts. Why? Well, inside the shopping carts, it says the same "Only X left and Y people have it in their carts", essentially just motivating people to buy your item before it supposedly goes out of stock. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS, IF YOUR FAKE ACCOUNT SOMEHOW LINKS BACK TO YOU, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED.

4) Set your processing time to 3-5 days and your shipping time to 7-21 days. Say that it ships from China.

5) Not everything can be sold. Many things will get you sent a copyright infringement letter. Get 3 of those, and you're out. Research on Etsy, pretty easy to see what can and can't be sold. Just Etsy search it. If you can sell it, there'll be basically 1 on 1 copies of pictures from the niche. If there's drawings, look alike things, etc. - probably cant be sold. As an example - Naruto - can't be sold.

I'm personally in the anime and TV show niche and it's doing alright. Etsy have VERY simple advertising, which is great. It's a decent bit of work, but it'll be worth it. Also Etsy have a great app on your phone for sellers, so you can always stay up to date with whats happening to your store.

Lastly, I've attached my stats from the last week. I have to point out that this was a GOOD week, better than usual, so don't get too hyped. I've only been on Etsy for 2 months, god knows what'll happen in the 3rd. Truth be told, there is one incredibly good part of this - once your items rank in the top listings for a specific niche, they'll keep selling without any advertising. Last week, I didn't advertise at all, which is why it's so special. Of the $937 total revenue, $678 was profit, after fee's rounding to around 580eur or $600. My countries minimum wage is 450eur or around $470, so I'd say this is more than enough for this stream of income.

$500 In Google Ads (Adwords) Credit - Not Shared Anywhere Else Guide!

Google Ads is an excellent platform to promote ecommerce products, CPA offers etc.. It is filled with high quality cheap traffic that converts when you do things properly.

Enjoy the method

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This process is extremely simple. Simply go to this link:

Choose the country you are from.

Just fill out the information, and submit it.

Now you just need to log into your Google Ads account and
enter the coupon code.

That’s all there is to it!

***Link từ forum, mình chỉ coppy lại - không có test trước
hộ e test 2 tools này với ạ. thanks bác!
Pro giúp 2 tool này với ạ
bro giúp link này nhé:

many thanks
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hộ e test 2 tools này với ạ. thanks bác!


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Update :


V 2.8 - V 3-4 :
Pass :
hộ e test 2 tools này với ạ. thanks bác!
UPDATED : 11-25-20 - 08:55:29 GMT

PVA CREATOR 2.5.6 DELUXE Cracked - Best PVA Account Creator - Gmail - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Reddit - Facebook - Pinterest - Tumblr - YouTube - Outlook - Hotmail - Soundcloud - Slickdeals - Amazon - LinkedIn & more!


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Tutorial on how to use the tool :

2.2.8 - rev 5.6 :
Pass :

Run tool as admin and wait 10-15 sec for it to start and unpack.


Note that this crack has been made available by our friend Kabillo, so always run the tools on a VPS/Virtual machine first.


2.2.1 :
Pass :

Run tool as admin and wait 10-15 sec for it to start and unpack.
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SCRAPEBOX is the infamous AIO Search engine optimization tool that nearly every Search engine optimization internet marketer praises about. Scrapebox is definitely an amazingly fast, stable, backlink building machine. At first glance, scrapeboxis really a effective blog bombarding/leaving comments tool. But to actually use scrapeboxto the full potential, I am unable to list all its feature on that one single posts.

Fast Multi-Threaded Operation
Exceptionally fast operation with multiple concurrent connections.

Highly Customizable
Numerous options for expansion and customization to suit your needs.

Outstanding Value
Hundreds of features to complement your SEO at an affordable price.

Numerous Addons
Over 30 free addons, to expand Scrapebox with numerous new features.

Great Support
Numerous support video’s, guides and 24/7 tech support staff available.

Tried And Tested
Originally released in 2009 and still going strong in 2017 with frequent updates.

Described by many users as the Swiss Army Knife of SEO! Years later, people are still finding innovative new uses for ScrapeBox to help with their day to day SEO and Internet Marketing needs.

Core Features

Search Engine Harvester
Harvest thousands of URL’s from over 30 search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in seconds with the powerful and trainable URL harvester.

Keyword Harvester
Extensive keyword harvester, to produce thousands of long-tail keywords from a single base keyword.

Proxy harvester
Powerful proxy harvester and tester, to ensure you can keep your work private through the use of thousands of free proxies.

Comment Poster
Use the fast, and trainable multi-threaded poster to leave comments on dozens of platforms with your backlink and desired anchor text.

Link Checker
Quickly scan thousands of pages to verify your backlinks exist, and the anchor text with the fast multi-threaded backlink checker.

Numerous Tools

Download Videos, Create RSS Feeds or Sitemaps, Find Unregistered Domains, Extract Emails, Check Indexed Pages and dozens more time saving features.
Just a few of our awesome features...
Search Engine Harvester

harvesterHarvest thousands of URL’s from Google, Yahoo and Bing and 30 other search engines in seconds! With inbuilt footprints for finding numerous platforms like WordPress, Forums, Guestbooks etc.
You can gather lists of links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche. Great for researching competitors, finding new blogs to comment on, doing product research or even gathering facts and info for your next blog post or article.

You also have the ability to easily add your own search engines to harvest from virtually any site. You can add specific country based search engines, or even create a custom engine for a WordPress site with a search box to harvest all the post URL’s from the website. If the site has a search box, chances are ScrapeBox can work with it!

Mass Link Builder
Mass poster Trainable poster means blog commenting has never been easier, you can make thousands of blog comments in minutes. Have you ever wanted to populate your blog with comments so it appears more popular?

Are you in desperate need of backlinks? The ScrapeBox blog commenter doesn’t just post on your own blogs, you can post comments on dozens of different blog platforms, guestbooks, image platforms, trackbacks and even contact forms.
This will help boost your exposure in all the search engines, receive a higher Pagerank and send a flood of traffic to your sites from readers of the thousands of blogs clicking your link in the comments.

Proxy Harvester
Proxy Harvester ScrapeBox can harvest proxies from various websites and forums which publish proxy lists, so you can add the URL’s of your favorite proxy websites.
ScrapeBox will visit these and fetch the published proxies, test them for working proxies and save the good proxies.

You can even add a custom proxy test, so you can test if proxies are working for FaceBook, Twitter or any other site you choose besides just being anonymous.
There’s also country filters, port filters, speed filters to help you get the exact proxies you need. Some tools charge more than ScrapeBox just for this one feature!

Keyword Scraper
Keyword Scraper Keywords it’s hard to do keyword research without them right? Don’t worry ScrapeBox has you covered with it’s lightening fast keyword scraper.
There’s a gold mine of keywords out there amongst various “suggest” services like Google Suggest.
When you type in to search boxes of various services, many pop down suggestions for related and long tail searches.

These are highly valuable because they are based on what other people are typing and looking for. ScrapeBox can harvest these suggestions from many popular services making it possible to gather tens of thousands of keywords from a single base keyword.


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:::Install Guide:::

1.Install VMWare (get it here)

2.Extract the downloaded file : X8

Pass (if asked) :

3.Run VMWare / Open /=location of file= / click I MOVED IT Button / Yes.

If have any problem, repeat step 2,3

- Use Suspend When close VMWare.
- Do Not Update anything including the VM itself.


Older (but working) version :
Pass :

Name : XRumer Cracked + Hrefer + SocPlugin + BlogsPlugin + XEvil

Version : XRumer 19.0.12 Standard + Hrefer 5.0 Professional + BlogsPlugin 1.0.5 + SocPlugin 4.0.31
OS : Windows
Type : Forum Submission, Web 2.0 Poster, URL Havester, Social Poster(Facebook/VK)
+ With new version of XRumer crack free download will be possible to pass automatically such popular protections as ReCaptcha and DLE-captcha (ReCaptcha is used on more than 30% of resources; same as DLE-captcha become very popular). New version of XRumer can bypass 7 new most popular graphical protections.
+ Very often the problem with successful registration and posting is related with existences of non standard fields on forums. This problem can be solved with new intellectual system, that allow to fulfill, even, unknown fields, as select, checkbox, radio button.
+ Very good improvement of work of Mass-PM mode: bypass the restrictions set by administration of forums will accelerate sending of private messages to tens or even hundreds of times.
+ Improvement of ref-spam: the processing of Java from counters on websites allows getting the domain in ref.list on, and any other counters.
+ New method of index of content will increase the speed and thematic of “AntiSpam” system


+ New tool will simplify the creation of mods for XRumer crack. It’s not necessary to know HTML, PHP or any other languages. New mod can be created in 2 clicks!
+ By creating some useful mods and selling it with $10, during 1 month you will get $10.000 from 1000 sales. The notification about new mod will get all our customers automatically.
+ The protection system of mods from illegal copying, and convenient system of switching between modes will expand the market. The opportunities of development of XRumer will be unlimited.


In new XRumer is finished the plugin AutoDating (for posting by Mamba and Loveplanet):

+ Autoreply option gives 100% guarantee of protection from banning of profile.
+ Facilities of Vip user.
+ Improved work of collecting of profiles.
+ Multithreading and ability of usage of list of profiles;
+ Export / import of lists, filtering;
+ Usage of proxies/SOCKS
We remind you that captcha from Mamba and Loveplanet is recognized in automatic mode, no need to use any third-party services.


On this plugin we are working for a long time, and it can be considered most multifunctional among other programs.

+ Captcha is recognized automatically for, and No need to use any services to decode captcha.
+ Different ways to collect profiles, checking and filtering of them
+ The possibility of sending PM, posts on forums/boards, comments to photo, add pictures to forums/boards, send gifts etc.
+ Using of proxy/SOCKS
+ Usage of schedule
+ Auto invite in different groups
+ Possibility to use variation system and macros
+ Multi-threading process of list of profiles.

Integration with third-party programs

Advanced Control System allows to integrate XRumer program with third-party programs that operate from outside, including remotely. This allows to create automated systems that will completely avoid the routine:

+ Manage the program through command line(keys)
+ Control the program via remote scripts (the program regularly sends the request and perform the tasks )
+ New opportunities for auto- filtering and auto-checking of lists of links, downloading new databases etc.

This is not the full list of updates and improvements planned to be done. We chose 5 directions of adding traffic and added 1 more from us.

New version of XRumer will bring our software to new level, and flexible system of creating of mods makes the development of XRumer unlimited and endless.


Unhidden Content - Enjoy The View!

SocPlugin 4.0.31 Download

Full avatars db Download

Avatars 100x100 db Download

XRumer Help Download

XRumer Help [Adobe PDF] Download

control.exe Download

secure.exe Download

rgen.exe Download

mgen.exe Download

XRumerAddin Download


If not working use it :

Or XRUMER 12 :
Pass :
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