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Oct 16, 2018
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Satoshilabs is a site where you build a lab through buying items or equipments to boost your lab.
The design of the site is simple enough and makes it easier for your to navigate through the different features.

Note: it doesn’t require any investment (only time and patience).

Get credits from completting shortlinks, offerwalls or PTC Walls.
<<<Lab Flasks>>>
You can get Lab Flasks by claiming from the faucet, or exchanging credits from completting shortlinks, offerwalls or PTC walls.
<<<Your Laboratory>>>
This is the main page where you can select to ‘purchase’ or upgrade your lab items.
Note: As soon as you have 750 labflasks, you can buy your first building: Generator (The best building to start with).
This is a roulette game similar to roulette games in casinos.
You can put in how much you want to bet and you can bet twice before the roulette starts rolling.
You can bet Labflasks and predict HI/LO.
Note: DON'T waste your credits this way.
Earning Options:
Claim 5 - 15 Lab Flasks Every 5 Minutes.
==>Offerwalls: AdscendMedia, Persona.ly, MinuteStaff, PTCWall, MoreTVtime.
As you earn Lab Flasks you can purchase equipment for your miner. Purchase equipment as you earn to earn passively while you are away. Purchasing equipment increases your production which increases your hourly reward.
Note: Miners operate best at 100 energy.Energy depletes every hour.

<<<Main Reward>>>
The Main Reward is where you will get reward according to your current Energy.
Note: You must keep your energy at 100 to maximize your hourly reward.

<<<Reward Pool>>>
Reward pool accomulate Lab Flasks from every user action, and each hour you get an % according to your Production Power from the pool.

Short Story:
==>You need labflasks to buy buildings;
==>You need energy to feed the buildings;
==>You need credits to get energy.

Referral Program:
==>Earn 20% from every Faucet claim;
==>Earn 10% for every completed Short-Link or Offerwall task.

Payment Options:
==>Pays directly to FaucetHub after you reach the minimum withdraw limit of 5,000 Lab Flasks.
Payments are processed within 12 to 72 hours (usually much faster).

Register here:
SatoshiLabs - Build your Lab and earn Satoshi

Non-Referral Link: https://satoshilabs.net

Thank you.
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