IoTNEXUS Decentralize network of Masternodes

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    Hello Cryptocurrency investors and Masternode believers! I've got exciting project to introduce to you. A project totally revolutionary and completely set to incentivize the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


    It is IoTNexus - the next generation IoT focused blockchain platform with innovative features of incubating new IoT applications!
    This is massive! Sparkles of innovation; a project with an advancing ecosystem. IoTNexus is entering cryptocurrency space to incorporate Masternode, privacy and scalability to the IOT sector.

    == IoTNexus is fully decentralize network of Masternodes using encrypted data to avoid exposure to non essential peers.

    == IoTNexus is built for fast connection and interconnection of IoT devices with energy efficient system.

    == Devices on the IoTNexus ecosystem and systems work together autonomously and scale to realize the full potential of IoT devices.



    IoTNEXus vision is to launch an IoT capable blockchain based on nodes and which enables everyone to earn passive income through Masternodes. IoTNEXus will be reaping the rewards well secured through proof of stake!

    IoTNexus will expand it network in limitless ways! There will be a prepared debit card where users will be allowed to make payment using IoTN coin anywhere debit card is accepted.

    IoTNexus Got it covered! Users will able to safely store their coins on their hardware wallet. This target is on the roadmap to be accomplished. Yes; that will take care of security with added option of staking. Meaning that you continually earn reward for keeping IoTN in your wallet.

    In line with plans of IoTNexus platform and blockchain adoption, IoTNexus team are running bounty campaign to motivate companies and developers to create Dapps for IoTNexus network.

    Ticker: IoTN
    Mining algorithm: Quark
    Type POW/POS/MN
    Max supply 10,000,000
    Block time 60 seconds
    Coinbase maturity 50 blocks
    Masternode collateral 5000

    This project present opportunities for investors to profit through it Masternode and staking system with brilliant return on investment.
    You can learn more about this innovative project on their official website or read the lightpaper:

    Check out what others are saying about this project on Bitcointalk:

    IoTN will soon be traded on Crypto-bridge exchange as payment for listing has already been made. In less than 7 days, you will be able to trade IoTN from CRYPTO-BRIDGE.. For now, you can buy from IoTN Dev while presale stock lasts.
    Don't be left out. Invest in innovation of the future and excellent passive income earning blueprint. Join their Discord community to meet with the Development team and communicate with other investors.

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