Event [IEO] BIIDO: The Revolutionary Zero-Fee Digital Asset Exchange

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    The Revolutionary Zero-Fee Digital Asset Exchange


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    Biido Token Sale (IEO)


    Biido (BION) will be launching its token sales with ProBit Exchange!
    (Official IEO Announcement)

    ⯈ IEO Duration
    27 May 2019 (Monday), 12:00 KST to 28 May 2019 (Tuesday), 11:59 KST

    ⯈ Price
    BION will be priced at $0.0016 / BION.

    ⯈ Bonuses
    ➞ Buy BION using PROB, Get 25% Bonus
    ➞ Buy BION using USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP, Get 20% Bonus

    What is BION Coin?

    BION is a platform token issued by Biido that is built on top of the ethereum blockchain.

    Biido Mobile Application

    We are currently developing a super advanced & user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android

    Bion Special Feature

    Premium Feature
    Biido will implement premium
    feature such as Arbit Tools,
    Portfolio Analysis which can
    only be unlocked by using BION.

    Reward Mechanism
    BION will be used as reward &
    incentive in certain features
    such as Biido Growth Engines &
    Crypto Trade Feature.

    Community Voting
    Users can vote for their
    favorite coins for listing on
    Biido exchange with the
    help of BION.

    Discount Fee
    Using BION as fuel, users
    can enjoy Biido's full services
    with discounted price.

    Token Structure

    Protocol: ERC20

    Token Name: BION

    Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 BION

    Accept: BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP

    Fund Allocation


    The Road So Far

    Our Executive Team


    Our Advisors


    Being a registered company with legal entity and lawyer team, we apologize to show our gesture of professionalism
    for misplacement of the advisory pic. You can authenticate us via many mainstream media including Forbes Indonesia.

    On top of that, Probit has officially announced Biido token sale on its launchpad which is a clear indication of our
    legitimacy as Probit is one of the prestigious global exchanges that boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders
    per second serving crypto community since 2017. Probit Exchange has also completed more than 30 rounds of IEO, raising​

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