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Jul 1, 2021
Do you remember we talked about Publish0x a couple of weeks ago? Many people are earning cryptocurrency on Publish0x by blogging. But those who don’t like to write something they can just vote and earn crypto.

Let me briefly remind you what is Publish0x first.​

Publish0x is a blockchain-based platform where people are sharing their ideas. Most of the topics on the Publish0x are about blockchain, cryptocurrency and different tokens. However, you can publish any post there.

You can register on Publish0x with your email or with your Facebook or Twitter account. So, it won’t take much time.

Publish0x: Vote and Earn ETH

How to vote and earn crypto?​

There are a few ways to earn cryptocurrency on the Publish0x, but one of the easiest ways is to vote and earn crypto. What should you do? Literally, just vote and earn crypto.

Do you need to pay for it? Nope! All voting tips are covered by Publish0x owners. You just choose the voting rate and click on the Vote button. Yes, you can decide who will get more: You or the Author. I usually keep it 80/20. But it is up to you. You can get all 100% of the vote.

Publish0x: Vote and Earn ETH

And you will get one of 4 tokens: ETH, BAT, LRC or AMPL. The last one was added recently. So, the project keeps developing and updating. And that is very important.

Publish0x: Vote and Earn ETH
But it doesn’t mean that you can vote non-stop. You can vote every 10 minutes, and only 1 vote for the post of the same author.

Publish0x: Vote and Earn ETH

Where I can check my earning?​

All earned tokens you can find in the Dashboard. I didn’t have much time to spend on the Publish0x. I published about 5 posts in total there. But my earnings for now looks like that.

Publish0x: Vote and Earn ETH
I prepared for you a brief video-instruction about how to vote for the post and get paid for it.

How to withdraw your crypto?​

You can apply for the withdrawal any time you want, but the payouts are proceeded just once a month. Below is a more detailed instruction.

How to withdraw
About other ways of earning crypto on the Publish0x you can read here.


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