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Oct 16, 2018
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Sick of seeing annoying ads on every website you visit?
Gener8_Ads is a NEW service that lets you basically pick the ads you see in your browser, and pays you for it.
Gener8_Ads is a browser extension that lets you earn money from the ads you see, and gives you control of your advertising experience.
Brands pay money to show you adverts online. Usually, this money goes to the website that displayed the ad.
With Gener8_Ads this money goes to you.

According to them:
"The average user is forecast to Gener8 £20-40 per month."

Earning Options:
==> Install the Gener8 browser extension on Chrome or Firefox;
==> Complete your preferences to generate tokens quicker and make more money.
Brands pay money to show you what you’re interested in. By completing your preferences you will see ads that are based on what you like and you’ll earn money quicker because of it.
==> Gener8 tokens. Tokens equate to real money. They collect in your wallet until you want to cash out.
==> Donate or cash out. Donate to your favourite charity or transfer to you bank account. This feature is not available yet as it's still in Beta.

What are Gener8 Tokens?
Every time you see an advert you receive Gener8 tokens. Tokens are a representation of money and they have monetary value. Tokens will collect in your account until you decide to exchange them into pounds.

When can I cash out or donate to charity?
Once they have set the token exchange rate they will enable you to cash out or donate to charity. This is a simple process that you can do from your “wallet” within your account.

How can I earn tokens quicker?
Complete your preferences to earn tokens at a faster rate. You're also given extra tokens for each friend you invite.

What does Gener8 do with the preferences that I enter?
Advertisers pay more to show you adverts that you are interested in. They use your preferences to match the ads you see with the ones that they think you will be most interested in.

They are also giving away £100 a day to a random user!

In terms of how much each ad is worth, there are different variables that impact this:
==>the one that is within your control is how complete your profile is (how many preferences you have filled in on your Gener8 profile).
When your profile is 100% complete you will earn tokens at the fastest rate, if it is 50% complete, you will earn tokens at half of the quickest rate, etc.

Referral Program:
==> Earn 10 tokens for every friend that signs up.
Note: As part of fraud prevention, Gener8 will only pay you once the new user has been active for a certain period (just long enough to show it's not a fake acccount).

Register here:

Non-Referral Link: https://gener8ads.com

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.



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