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Jan 16, 2021
Giới thiệu cho các bạn 1 site PTC cực kì uy tín Faucet Crypto
Đơn vị trong site là coin, bạn có thể kiếm từ 40 - 15 coin các task: (khi làm thì có đồng hồ đếm giây (trừ claim faucet), không được nhấn vào cái khác, đổi tab etc, chỉ hơi khó chịu mỗi khoản này):
  • Claim faucet: mỗi 30 phút.
  • PTC Ads: Click và xem quảng cáo.
  • Shortlinks: Click các link rút gọn (cái này làm hơi dài chút).
  • Offers: Cái này thì ai biết làm offer thì có thể làm thêm, mình thì không có khả năng.
  • Ngoài ra thì còn có ref, tức là giới thiệu người khác cùng tham gia.
Đặc biệt, trang này có 1 hệ thống cấp độ - level, mỗi khi làm 1 task thì bạn nhận coin và exp, khi đủ exp thì bạn lên 1 cấp, cứ lên 1 cấp thì sẽ tăng % bonus, tức là càng lên cấp, thì coin và exp nhận được khi làm task càng nhiều.​

Cấp độ ngoài ra còn ảnh hưởng đến giới hạn rút (mỗi ngày) của bạn, tương tự như trên, cấp càng cao, giới hạn rút mỗi ngày càng tăng, min rút là 500 coin, mỗi lần rút tốn 50 coin fee.

Khi rút coin, bạn sẽ đổi coin sang một loại crypto khác, site có rất nhiều loại cho bạn lựa:

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Jun 18, 2015
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này chỉ rút về ví faucetpay thôi đúng không? có rút từ ví đó ra ví khác chưa bạn?


Dec 3, 2020
Incredible 20 different crypto currencies can be paid out within this faucet. FaucetCrypto is characterised by a well thought-out level system and many different ways of earning cryptocurrencies.


Pay-to-click (PTC), Level System, daily Bonus, Survey, Chat, hidden “items” and and and. This faucet actually offers more than simply receiving a small fee for advertising clicks. Own FaucetCrypto Coins can be transfert into 20 different cryptocurrencies for the paid out.
A well thought-out level system with the option of activating additional income groups. Daily rewards, regular updates on the website and many more.

Register Link:

Facts about FaucetCrypto

Start of the offer: 2017
Type of offer: Crypto Faucet / Offerwalls
Cryptocurrency: 20 cryptocurrencies are selectable
Revenue claim: non-stop
Payout types: corresponding wallet address or Faucetpay
Minimum payout: more than 1000 FaucetCrypto Coins
fees: 50 FaucetCrypto Coins
Fun factor: high

Pros and cons for FaucetCrypto


- fast payout
- 20 different coins
- motivating level system
- many different options
- constant updates of the website
- Chat function for help
- high earning potential for a crypto faucet

- Active window for PTC programs
- Exchange rate is not transparent

FaucetCrypto Level System

With every task on the FaucetCrypto website you will receive coins and experience points. No matter which task you take, not only your real experience with FaucetCrypto increase, also your virtual experience will grow.

With these experience points you can unlock more and more features.
from level 10: you can participate in the internal chat (in three different languages, EN, ES, PT)
from level 20: Offerwalls (that means. offers for surveys, installing aps etc.)
from level 100: votes and community polls
In addition, there is a bonus for completed tasks of 0.125% for each level increase. 0.125%.
The special thing about the level system, is that there is no upper limit and you never lose your accumulated experience. So the multiplier is practically open at the top.
The first 20 levels are also reached very quickly.

Payouts of earned coins

FaucetCrypto also offers a special feature in terms of withdrawal options. By collecting in-house crypto coins, these can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. From classic Bitcoin, Doge and Ethereum to rare Faucet Coins like Verge, Syscoin or Reddcoin. At the moment (February 2021) stand 20 different coins available (the offer changes sometimes).

For the payout itself, you are usually able to choose any wallet, some coins have to be processed via * . (e.g. Bitcoin). For each withdrawal, 50 FaucetCrypto Coins in transaction fees will be charged.

Withdrawals are possible from 1.000 FaucetCrypto Coins.

The earned coins on the website must be converted into tradable crypto coins, these coins have a certain pool, if this is exhausted, you may not be able to exchange the coins for the desired currency (don't worry, there are always enough other currencies available)


Earning opportunities on FaucetCrypto
  • PTC Ads: Pay-To-Click, i.e. coins for visiting any websites. The time and the coins are shown to you beforehand. The website opens in a new window after viewing, this is helpful if there is an interesting offer. The disadvantage is, that the timer only counts down when the window is active “.” counts down, i.e. when the displayed website is actually being viewed and no other tab is in use.
  • shortlinks: a higher payment is granted for the shortlinks. However, these are very annoying with numerous pop-ups and sometimes programs are downloaded in the background, so be careful!
  • hint: For me, the shortlinks with the Brave Browser and ad blocker worked without any problems, so you can simply click through the three consecutive timers.
  • Achievments: A kind of trophy for reaching levels, reward for daily logging in or performing PTC or. shortlinks. This provides you experience points or coins for performing e.g.. 30 PTC Ads.
  • Offerwall: from level 20 you will have access to offerwalls from different providers (as the selection changes and everyone has their own favorites, I won't to elaborate on). Survey, Install apps or take part in competitions and receive very high rewards. All are very simple to understand
  • hints and safer use for Offerwalls: They are external providers and most of the time the crediting of the earned coins works without problems, however, it's possible that coins are not credited to your account (in the chat I had read about problems with Wannads, but didn't have any for myself).
    What I also noticed as an example: With the Brave Browser the offer was much lower than with the Safari Browser (but this was only the case with “Offerdaddy” . – this problem seems to be resolved since the last update).
  • It makes sense to allow tracking so that the tasks are properly credited.
    It iss also advisable to use a “Trash eMail” address for the competitions, but beware that this will be checked for “a useful address” ..

Chat system on CryptoFaucet

from level 10 you are granted access to the user chat in English, Spanish or Portuguese. This is a high frequented chat and many users will help and questions. Admins also answer occasionally and a new chatbot was recently added.

Items Drop

Another special feature, .. When performing tasks you always get coins and experience points. In addition, there are “items” similar to a role-playing game. For example there are potions that 15% Boost experience points for 18 Minutes or bracelets to boos for the next 100 tasks 6% more coins etc..

These won items can be used as desired or sold to other users on an internal marketplace. Of course, you can also buy items from other players there and then use them yourself.

Thus, a playful component flows into FaucetCrypto and makes this offer really special.


Special features of CryptoFaucet

The already mentioned services of CryptoFaucet alone make this offer special. Another important point are the regular updates and extensions to the website (these updates can be found in “News Feed” area, .). A “Leaderboard” is also integrated in the community. All in all, there is a lot to discover and the offer is constantly improving.
Other faucet offers are flooded with advertisements and pop ups, which is kept within limits here. Just like the captcha queries, these are also reduced to a minimum here and are not necessary for every click, they are rarely used.

Negative aspects at CryptoFaucet

Very good for the advertiser, but a bit annoying for the user to collect coins, that the ads have to be viewed for a certain period of time, in an “active window” this means, one click outside the window and the timer stops.

The exchange rate from CryptoFaucet Coins to the tradable cryptocurrencies is not entirely transparent and therefore quite difficult to understand.

My experience with CryptoFaucet

from level 20 the offerwalls are available and thus many different tasks can be carried out and for which you receive are several 1.000 Coins, From this point onwards, CryptoFaucet is really worthwhile. Level 20 can also be reached within a day or a maximum of two days.

The level and item system provides fun to earn some coins. Which is extremely annoying with many other sites, solving the captcha query, this is almost completely eliminated with CryptoFaucet.

Register Link:
check out my website:


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