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    <<<DigimonBTC>>> Play Digimon Online & Win Bitcoin Instantly!
    Earning Options:
    ==>battle with others
    You earn Bitcoin only from attacks.
    Note: If you win a battle you will earn bitcoin, Experience Points and random Gems.
    You can win per battle: between 35 satoshi and 400 satoshi.
    The enemies you choose from "World Map".
    If you want to defeat stronger enemies you need to upgrade your PET.
    Remember: If you want to defeat your enemy easily:
    ==>make sure your PET health is about full;
    ==>an effective way to defeat stronger enemies is using MAGIC weapon (MP).

    By feeding up your pet, drink up with your pet, and playing with your pet you increase your PET health (HP).
    You can get free Magic points daily which playing with your Pet. just click on 'Play' from hometown.
    You will get some Gems randomly if you win the battle. You can also purchase more gems anytime.
    Referral Program:
    ==>Health: 10%;
    ==>Balance: 10%;
    ==>Gems Purchase: 10%.
    Withdraw Options:
    ==>Faucethub: Minimum is 0.00000001 BTC (1 satoshi). There is no transaction fees.
    ==>BTC Wallet: Minimum is 0.0005 BTC. There is 0.00005 BTC transaction fees.

    Register here:
    Digimon - Digital Bitcoin World

    Non-Rèferral Link: https://digimonbtc.com

    Thank you.

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