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Oct 16, 2018
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Cryptonium Conflict <<<Multi Level Battle Crypto Game>>>
You need a strong army to protect your base from enemies and dominate in the region.
Recruit warriors who will bring the valuable resources necessary for the construction and development of your base. Each warrior will serve in his industry and brings certain resources that can be exchanged for the most valuable mineral in the universe called cryptonium.

Sign Up Gift: you will receive one combat unit and 3000 units of electronics for building a warehouse.

For the construction of any building requires a certain amount of materials. They can be found in the trade gateway.
After construction, all buildings serve as factories and plants. You can produce materials and products for the special module and arsenal. All buildings will serve you for 1 year, after which you need to update them.
The Spaceport:
After the construction of the spaceport, you will be able to build two spacecraft: the Frigate and the Cruiser.
Spacecrafts will bring valuable resources for you - black and zero matter. Black and zero matter can be sold for cryptonium in the trade gateway or used to produce batteries. Batteries can be supplied for sale in a special module.
Note: Spacecrafts do not have a lifetime, they will work for you forever.
Game Currencies:
-credits (balance for purchases);
Credits rate: 100 credits = 400 satoshi.
-cryptonium (balance for withdrawal);
Cryptonium rate: 100 cryptonium = 400 satoshi.
This Game has an infinite number of levels, each of which consists of 100 points.
You earn points by performing certain actions in the game (collect, sell, buy). Upon reaching several levels, you become available new opportunities, which allows you to earn even more.
Energy and morale:
Energy and Morale are taken from you for certain actions in the game. If the scale shows 0/100 units, then you will not be able to work (collect, sell, buy). Your strength has run out.
<<<Energy>>> can be replenished in a special module. To do this, you need to buy batteries.
<<<Morale>>> can be raised, arming your warriors in the armory.

Invite your friends and you will receive 5% of each deposit of the person you invited.
Income is not limited. Even a few referrals can bring you over 100,000 units of cryptonium.Income is not limited.

Non Referral Link: https://cryptoniumconflict.online
Minimum withdrawal:
=> 0.0005 BTC or 12500 cryptonium (BTC wallet).
Payments are made in semi-automatic mode within 24 hours.
Thank you. I wish you success and high earnings!
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