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Oct 16, 2018
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BitsCalibur - Earning Bitcoin Made Fun
<BitsCalibur> Welcome to Bitscalibur, the free to play text-based MMORPG.
Bitscalibur is a new faucet concept that allows players to earn gold, silver and copper.
High earning potential and unique bitcoin faucet concept where the sky truly is the limit.
Bitscalibur is a bitcoin faucet where there is no timer and no captchas that you need to complete in order to earn.
With Bitscalibur, you simply create an account and start playing our game right from your browser.
You can even play it with your friends ( make sure to refer them as you will receive an extraordinary 25% of their income FOR LIFE ) and take on more difficult tasks.
Note: 1 Gold: $0.25.
Game Currencies: Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Copper Coins which you may exchange and withdraw.

BitsCalibur Guidelines:
-Character Skill System ( you can train your character to gain MORE power);
-Character Level will grow with each received experience point from killing creatures;
-Fully working inventory system that grants additional attack and defense bonusses;
-Equip and remove equipment item system;
-Game-chat, server logs, attack logs and NPC logs;
-Item system (food types, equipment, potions etc.);
-Loot system ( creatures will drop loot according to creatures strength);
-Offer walls that directly convert to Silver Coins;
-Coop - fight alongside your friends to kill stronger creatures (soon);
-Player versus Player - fight friends and foes and earn some of their gold (soon);
-Totally dynamic gameplay.
You may venture the realm by clicking so called "map transitions", these transitions will simply warp you from one map to another as long as the system identifies them as logical.
When the server is receiving a response from the client that has a non-logical identifier, it will punish the player for attempting to bypass the logic.
How to Attack monsters?
Attacking monsters is rather simple; you click on their image.
Clicking their image instead of the entire section of the creature will trigger events that simulate a battle between the monster and the player.
Every attack whether successful or not will cost you 1 nourishment point.
Once your nourishment reaches 0, you will no longer be able to attack. You may fill up your nourishment with any food you find in the realm.
Attacking will also lead to an increase of your passive skills ( magic, melee, distance and defense ). The higher these get, the higher will your damage be.
When you will kill a monster, you will get experience points and loot.
Reaching enough experience points will make your characters level increase which will give you health, mana and damage benefits.
You can sell or use your LOOT for additional attack and defense bonuses.
You can also buy items from NPC's, simply find them in town by travelling through the map.
NPC (non-player character):
- Victor (he is the Towns Smith and runs the Local Weaponry);
- Kimberly (she is the towns famous ARCHER);
- Albertus (he is a truly Skilled Magician);
- Tom (he runs the local equipment store);
-Gorlam (he is the MONK from the chapel of Bordia).

AutoFaucet Feature Implemented:
Unlike the main bitcoin faucet, the auto faucet will pay you in the altcoin called "LiteCoin".
This allows the system to pay even smaller amounts than the main faucet which makes you level up in FaucetHub.io at a faster rate.

Unlike other faucets, the system does not use so called "auto claims". Our auto faucet uses your in-game currency to perform claims.
This means that, as long as you have in-game currency, your auto faucet will run.

Each claim will cost you 1 copper coin and will pay out 8 litoshi every 45 seconds.
Ran out of copper coins? Simply play our game to stack up again or complete an offer in the offer wall.

As an additional bonus, by using the auto faucet your in-game character will receive 1 experience point each claim.

Referral Program:
Bitscalibur offers a massive 25% referral earnings on ANY incoming transaction. This includes offer walls. If, for example, your referral earns $1 from an offer wall - you get $0.25! Not only can you use your referral link to get referrals, there's also a possibility you get referrals for doing absolutely nothing.
If a user registers without having set a referral, a random player from the database will be elected as referrer.

Withdraw Options:

More features coming soon.. Stay tuned!

Register Here:

Non-Referral Link: https://bitscalibur.nl

Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings



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