New Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT ?


Aug 23, 2018
Warning : Sự thật về quyền chọn nhị phân - Legit Trading or Scam? ( Đọc trước khi ra quyết định đầu tư !

Welcome everyone, since the last update, a lot has changed, and we have great news about our platform.

What is Bitlevex?
Bitlevex is a revolutionary new product that allows everyday people to begin
quickly and easily trading in Bitcoin options. Buy and sell without commissions
or fees, using any almost any payment method, from credit cards to wire transfers
and of course Bitcoin.

The Bitlevex platform is highly secure, reliable, and has an unrivaled
simplified user interface. Users that want a fast and easy experience aren’t disappointed
by Bitlevex’s innovative investment tool. Bitlevex helps to create stability in the market for
Bitcoin while giving the opportunity for enormous profits for its users.

More and more people have adopted the coins for everyday use. With increased
volatility came a demand from investors and casual users alike for more stability,
and it has come in the form of options trading with Bitlevex.

The solution? Bitlevex

Bitlevex allows anyone to easily and quickly begin trading in Bitcoin options.
Options trading creates stability and predictability in an otherwise volatile market.
Everyday investors and larger, institutional clients can now create predictability in
their transactions and lock in their costs and prices. It’s also a sign of a maturing
market, one that has become widespread enough to generate the type of contracts
needed for options buying and selling.

This unique product has created an exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin options.
Users can buy and sell traditional put and call options and even buy on leverage.
Bitlevex’s exchange has the potential for a huge impact on the market for cryptocurrency,
as options and futures markets are traditionally about bringing stability and predictability
to the marketplace for the goods the contracts transact, whether it’s wheat, oil, oranges or Bitcoin.

Who can use Bitlevex?
Bitlevex also is geared towards the everyday investor. Its simple user interface allows you
to quickly and easily begin to trade. It lists a Bitcoin chart, a technical analysis of Bitcoin’s
buying or selling condition, and the price. Add funds to an account and buy a put or call
option and pick the time to maturity. The platform clearly lists the strike price and the option
premium. Just choose the amount of leverage and the price for the buyer will be listed, then
hit buy now. It’s that simple, options can be bought within seconds of signing up.

Options future
Bitlevex is excited to further the market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. By creating Bitcoin
options to buy and sell, Bitlevex is helping to bring stability to a volatile market, and profit
to those that can foresee the movement in the price and demand for Bitcoin. Get started trading
Bitcoin options today with Bitlevex!

BITLEVEX is a licensed service provider by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Republic of Estonia.

1) Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency.
2) Providing a virtual currency wallet service.

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