[Binance] DEOPTO - Shape the Purpose of the Token - Polls and Voting


Aug 23, 2018

Help a cause together with the community.

We are planning to arrange polls periodically with the help of the Smart Contract to determine
what the raised funds are used for. Shape the purpose of the token Yourself.

Voting on the blockchain

This is the first token to use the decentralized approach to organize the whole voting procedure.
We plan to make this approach adoptable to any real life application that needs voting to be secure.

With the immutable behavior of the blockchain, all the procedures happening within the Smart Contract ensures transparency and security.
This Smart Contract implementation helps us to defeat manipulations of the voting to give every poll option and participant a fair and even playing field.
We don't have to rely on a third party implementation of storing the data for voting,
the blockchain controls everything and even the procedure of the voting is hard coded, can't be modified after launch.

• Anonymous voting
• Votes are stored decentralized on blockchain
• Votes are stored immutably
• Vote results are stored immutably on the blockchain
• Vote results are stored historically on the blockchain
• Votes are counted after the poll is closed to avoid manipulations with the holdings

Vote counting begins immediately after closing.
Every wallet address can participate in the voting, but the Voting Power calculations are happening at the counting.

Voting Power

Every wallet address with a vote has a Voting Power which is calculated from the Deopto holdings of the wallet.
The Voting Power calculations are happening after the poll is closed.

To successfully participate in the voting, wallets need to have at least 0.001% of holdings.
With this amount of holdings the wallet has a voting power of 1.
The system rewards wallets with more holding on a square root based scale,
so early on you get much more Voting Power with a certain amount of holding increase
but it slows down approaching the ceiling.
For the maximum effect the ceiling is at 1% holdings with 300 Voting Power
and after 1% the Voting Power is NOT increasing anymore staying at 300.

Learn more about Deopto on our website https://deopto.net

Tokenomics and Transaction Fees

Official Links

ℹ️ Website: https://deopto.net
ℹ️ Whitepaper: https://www.deopto.net/_files/ugd/d6591e_a197474a65ff4816b249f4ed2f75b55b.pdf
ℹ️ BscScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xF918C5f9fcee3FFE7C27612e76eB2d27AA357e90
ℹ️ Discord invitation: https://discord.gg/ttm9TKEQPP


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