ICO [ANN] Pre-ICO Coins are LIVE NOW and Available on faythe.io

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    Pre-ICO FYE and TTP Coins are LIVE NOW and Available on https://www.faythe.io

    Faythe is in Pre-ICO mode at present, and their Faythe TTP & FYE Tokens are Available on https://www.faythe.io

    The Roadmap, White Paper, and more information about the tokens are also on the Faythe website.

    If you are able to help with developer skills that Faythe needs, I urge to contact the Faythe team. If you're a trader or investor with any appreciation of what Faythe offers, Do you own research!

    I'm not giving you financial advice or in any way with this post. This is just me sharing what I've found about Faythe.

    The Faythe Telegram group is at https://t.me/faythetalk

    Anonymity (aka: Privacy and Freedom) is essential, and that's why I hope you will have a look at Faythe.

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