[ANN] DeFi City - Yield Farming Gamified & Simplified


Aug 23, 2018


In the few short years since DeFi has been around, it has already managed to translate many legacy financial products into the decentralized world. Today DeFi offers a much more convenient, faster, and overall better user experience for use cases such as lending and borrowing, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies than its traditional counterpart.
As a result of the pent-up demand for scarce digital assets, stirred up by multiple macroeconomic factors but mainly triggered by the Coronavirus crisis and fears of inflation caused by rampant money printing, the crypto space and DeFi in particular are seeing exponential growth.

The current state of play in DeFi is one of breakneck speed of development and innovation. Even though it’s still a very niche market, today’s total value locked in DeFi protocols (not market cap or transaction volume numbers, but capital locked in smart contracts for use in various financial purposes) approaches $59 billion. This marks a staggering 9000% year-to-date increase, up from just $650 million locked at the beginning of the year.

The number of new users, as measured by the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with DeFi protocols, has grown from ten thousand to over one million during the same period. Furthermore, Crypto.com estimates that over 100 million people have a cryptocurrency wallet and direct exposure to crypto assets.

Our Vision

We believe that decentralized finance shouldn’t be a privilege reserved only for tech-savvy DeFi power users. Interacting with DeFi products and protocols should be intuitive and straightforward, even for people without the slightest crypto experience. For this reason, we created an NFT-based game that lowers the barriers to entry and allows everyone to learn, farm, and manage an extensive DeFi portfolio in a fun and engaging way. DeFi City’s goal is to blur the boundaries between work time and playtime by making yield farming fun and simple.

Explore a World Full of Unique DeFi Cities

Each city in DeFi City is unique, differing from others in looks, environment, special properties, and individual rarity.

What is DeFi City
DeFi City is a browser-based game allowing users to build, visualize, manage, and stay up to date with their favorite DeFi farms from a single interface in a gamified and simplified way.

What is the benefit of having a city?
There are multiple benefits of having a city. First, your city will make it easier to visualize, manage your farms and track your yield farming KPIs from a single dashboard. Moreover, by owning a city, you’ll not only earn by farming but also earn DFC token rewards for playing.

Can cities be sold?
Yes, a DeFi City is an NFT on the Ethereum network (an ERC721 token), granting you total ownership of the city. Even if you’ve already placed farms in your city, you’ll be able to sell your NFT without losing your LP positions.

Where can I buy $DFC?
The DFC token is not currently on sale. Please follow our channels for the latest announcement.

CLICK HERE FOR THE ROADMAP: https://deficity.medium.com/defi-city-tech-vision-roadmap-5a80dc0fcd03




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