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Feb 20, 2013
Insuree Balance
Are you looking for HYIP to invest? is an advanced ‘All HYIP Monitor’ where you’ll found all hyip details in just one place. Now, no opportunity will be missed as will be presenting almost all qualitative HYIP for you. Not the list of HYIP only but also full required information about every HYIP which you were looking for. This classic looking website has a very clean and clear interface to understand every detail easily. Unlike other ‘All HYIP Monitors’, will ensure that you can keep your focus only on the contents which are necessary and useful for you.
Isn’t it a good idea to invest in a HYIP which was chosen by many other investors? That’s why provides the full details of every HYIP’s investment history. Just click on the ‘HYIP’s details’ menu and you’ll found the total investments made in a specific HYIP till the current date, the number of total investors who have invested in that HYIP also the number of investments has made yet. A graphical chart of daily investments will help you to catch the trend of any specific HYIP. Now it’s not so hard to get hints of any HYIP’s future. Not sure how much to invest in a HYIP? A list of top 20 investors may help you to take that decision.
Don’t miss the highest RCB offer! Needless to say that RCB offers are an important fact in the HYIP industry. Now you do not need to browse all HYIP Monitors to get the highest RCB offers. provides all RCB offers in just one place. Just click on the menu “RCB offers” and see all RCB offers to choose the best one. Weak in math? A custom RCB calculator will do the calculation for you, just input the desired amount you want to invest and get the RCB amounts from every monitor, that’s it. Are we missing Monitor Buttons from HYIP Monitors? No, not only provides the monitor buttons but also provide the contribution of Monitors for every specific HYIP.
Still confused to choose the best HYIP or confused to see a lot of HYIP? Thanks to their smart AI-based web applications which will provide the trending HYIP on the homepage. Now it’s easier to make a choice but doesn’t miss other top HYIP also. You’ll found lists of trending HYIP (by 3,7 & 15 days), New HYIP, Most invested HYIP, Most searched HYIP, Top Rated HYIP, and Top Monitored HYIP.
Not finding a specific HYIP by browsing the lists? I promise that you’ll enjoy using their ‘Search’ option. has used the same technology which is being used by Now you do not need to write the full URL of a HYIP even not the accurate name of a HYIP, just guess the part of the URL or name of a HYIP, their advanced search engine will bring your desired HYIP for sure.
Now you’ve already known that is one of the biggest databases of HYIP but still the website will load blazing fast even with the slowest internet connection. Pages won’t reload again to browsing all other sections so it will help to save your data if you’re using a limited data connection.


Nov 6, 2017

mình có tool trade trên dt android và laptop kiếm lãi 5-10% mỗi ngày an toàn hiệu quả hơn hyip . ai quan tâm ib email dùng thử
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