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    Xin ae cho em xin ý kiến với ạ

    xin chào ae và các bạn . mình mới tập tành làm cái web tin tức này nhưng cũng rất mong ae chỉ giáo và góp ý thêm cho web nỏi bật ạ
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    Discuss The Whole Nine Yards of Crypto Technical Analysis

    In the 21st century, few inventions have garnered as much attention as cryptocurrencies. Ever since Bitcoin’s inception, there has been a lot of confusion amongst investors, who want to capitalize on the rapidly growing crypto industry but lack the necessary know-how to make the most out of...
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    Discuss Microsoft Azure Integrates Lition’s Commercial Blockchain Solution

    Microsoft has officially bought the blockchain solution of Lition, a commercial blockchain for Microsoft Azure cloud marketplace, Lition announced on February 18. Lition is one of the private blockchains who received support from a major cloud service provider like Microsoft. Businesses Across...
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    Discuss Ethereum Based Smart Contract Created In Memorial Of Coronavirus Whistleblower

    Today, around 2:30, someone created an Ethereum smart contract having source codes in the shape of the monument. The Monument contract is created in the memorial of Dr. Li Wenliang, who warned everyone of China’s coronavirus outbreak even before 2020. Dr. Li Wenliang died of the disease midnight...
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    Discuss Plan B Responds to Bloomberg Editor's Outburst On Stock-To-Flow

    Plan B, the crypto trader who made stock-to-flow charts for Bitcoin famous in the decentralized space has responded to the criticism from Bloomberg Market's editor Joe Weisenthal on the reliability of Stock-To-Flow ratio for determining Bitcoin's price. Plan B in his tweet called out Bloomberg's...
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    [News] Chính thức: Alipay cấm tất cả các giao dịch liên quan đến Bitcoin

    Alipay, chi nhánh thanh toán kỹ thuật số của gã khổng lồ thương mại điện tử Trung Quốc Alibaba, đã tuyên bố rằng họ sẽ cấm mọi giao dịch liên quan đến Bitcoin (BTC) và các loại tiền điện tử khác. Chống người chơi bất hợp pháp Vào ngày 10 tháng 10, Alipay đã nhắc lại lập trường chống tiền...