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    [ANN] HyperDEX Finance - A DeFi Platform -> for Investing in Digital [Pre-Sale]

    The rapidly expanding and evolving DeFi space poses an inherent risk for users who are not well-versed with the complexities of DeFi products but wish to optimize their returns. There’s a need for a service to guide users in choosing the right investment strategies that suit their risk appetite...
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    Rare Handmade Cheeky Kyser NFTs Coming to the Market Soon

    Cheeky Kyser™ is set to release its handmade NFTs to the blockchain world. The Cheeky Kyser digital collectibles are super unique, and audiences will not find similar artworks in the market. The pieces with suggestive and straightforward designs describe the most prominent films of the last...
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    [Airdrop] [CEXISWAP] Social Media Airdrop - 10k USD worth of Coins

    🚀 Airdrop: CEXISWAP - CEXISWAP is a decentralized multi-chain exchange that offers users the best price by bridging liquidity across DEXs and CEXs through innovative Technology. 💰 Value: $10,000 in USDT 🔥 Top Reward: 600 USD to single person. 📅 End Date: 14 Feb, 2022 🏦 Distribution Date...
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    Introducing I WANT YOU – the First NFT Collection with a No-Loss Prize Fund

    I WANT YOU (IWY), the NFT collection that allows holders to become rich, is scheduled to launch on Ethereum in early January 2022. The collection consists of 7777 custom-generated characters (Uncles), each with rare and crazy attributes. Buyers of the IWY NFTs will effectively become owners of...
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    From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu” Manga NFT Art to be Auctioned Off

    “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu” Manage NFT Art to be Auctioned Off, Here’s Everything You Should Know Tezuka Productions is auctioning off “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu”, the digital NFT art project based on numerous manga manuscripts belonging to renowned manga artist Tezuka...
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    [Airdrop] [ritestream] Social Media Airdrop - 20k USD worth of Coins

    About: ritestream is the platform for the creation and monetization of film and tv NFTs - Claim ownership of your NFT on the blockchain. 🚀 Airdrop: ritestream 💰 Value: $20,000 worth tokens 👥 Referral: $1500 for top 10 referring participants 📅 End Date: 23rd Dec, 2021 🏦 Distribution Date: After...
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    Babel Fish | Money Protocol |Public Sale Event at Sovryn Origin

    $FISH Public Token Sale at Sovryn platform. Few hours remaining. Location: Sovryn Origins Platform $FISH for sale: 19,992,000 Percent of total supply: 4.76% $FISH Price: $0.11, priced in RBTC 48hrs before the sale Purchase limit: $3,000 in RBTC The best time to stake $SOV...
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    Babel Fish | Money Protocol |Public Sale Event at Sovryn Origin

    Sovryn was one of the successful public sale event, launched in April with $9 million in funding. Now Sovryn has an Origin Launched pad, and the first project on its origin page is BabelFiash a Money protocol. With the success of the Sovryn, BabelFish is also going to be one of the successful...
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    [Discussion] Askobar Network | Over 900% growth & going strong

    The Most Innovative Lending Platform is launching its Mainnet and website February 13-15! ASKOLEND audit done by QUILLASH and passed with flying colors! *ASKO Telegram community *Uniswap- buy here/b] *CoinGecko *QUILLASH *QUAI DAO *dOrg ASKO over 900% growth...
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    [Discussion] SPACESWAP? Partnership with QuaiDao

    QUAI DAO...Let’s DRIVE SUCCESS TOGETHER. We just made a great partnership with SPACESWAP? ? ? ? ? ?
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    [ANN][Private Sale][Defi] Quai Dao | ? DEFI ACCELERATOR ?

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    Doge Cóin?

    is it a joke or what? i personally dont think that its a real deal to go up with. Rumors that Dogecoin is like bitcoin yet i dont see many websites using it. is there any earn-money site paying in dogecoins?

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