Our Hyip Project

We are developing an Open Source Project on GitHub taking a business called HYIP, High-yield investment program as a starting model prior to a widely business models in the future.

(On Construction)

The project discussion will not only cover the HYIP Sites but also the HYIP Forum, HYIP Monitor, HYIP Script, and every other sources involved in this business.

We have releasing our simple tools..

HYIP(s) Score Analysis v1.2 (Google Sheet)
Courtesy of Our Open Source Project on GitHub.

A simple table analysis contains the basic formula to do hyip scoring. This table (see picture) will do scoring of all the hyips you are joining (sorted on column P). Unlike other scoring methods the result will follow to your investment style (based on deposit amount you put on column G). You can download & change the hyip list to yours. Try to minimize the red colored cell by distributing your deposit to as many hyips that getting high PM Trust Score (put on column M).


Version 1.0 – May 2015
Introducion (1st Time Release)

Version 1.1 – May 2015
Add Feature of Red Colored Cell

Version 1.2 – May 2015
Scam Protection is now Priority
Add Notes to Explain the Red Color

Click on the picture below to see it on action..

Check our HYIP Article on how to use this program to get real monthly profit on hyip business

We also build our main site about The World of High Yield Investment Program which we have started to get it Up and Running on Github. Read More...
High-Yield Investment Program
Hyip Site Monitoring, Scripts & Analysis


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:) - HYIP Sites Analysis v1.2 | Find The Best HYIPs to Invest :cool:



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